who is not suitable for cross-border e-commerce?



who is not suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

I wonder if you have noticed that more and more people are pouring into cross-border e-commerce. First, due to the hype of training on various platforms, many people looking for projects are either fooled into entering blindly, or they are really optimistic about the track and enter after being fully prepared. But can anyone really do cross-border e-commerce? What kind of people are not suitable for cross-border e-commerce? Today I share with you:

1. There is no money in hand. It is not suitable for people who want to set white wolves with empty hands

to be a cross-border e-commerce platform, no matter which platform, you need to pledge the payment for goods, but some are divided into overseas warehouses and funds, and some are periodic deposits, such as no source of goods and one-piece consignment. The basic payment collection cycle is about 40-45 days. Then we need to purchase in advance in the process of making cross-border stores. The cost plus logistics expenses is the money you need to pledge, so we can't start a store without stable cash flow. So how much does it cost? In fact, each platform is different. Some platforms have little initial investment, ranging from 20000 to 50000. For example, coupang in South Korea operates, but some platforms are very large. For example, express is basically a store. It is difficult to do it without 100000 start-up capital (Amazon doesn't mention it, too heavy capital investment)

who is not suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

2. People who can't operate computers are not suitable.

if you can't even operate the computer, for example, the typing speed is very slow, I advise you not to work too hard in e-commerce. Because we need a lot of time to operate the background on the computer every day, and time and money are the biggest cost, so if you don't even have the least computer operation, you think the time cost you pay every day is the same as that of others, but the efficiency is different. How can you tell others Human PK? It's better to choose other industries steadily

who is not suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

3. People eager for quick success and instant benefit are not suitable.

no matter which platform it is, we start with a new store, so you need to invest time in making a store and learning methods in the early stage. In the first month of the early stage, we earn thousands of yuan, good less than 10000 yuan. In the second month, the store orders will increase and the profit will rise slowly. After the third month, the store will become a stable growth state, and the profit of about 20000 or 30000 is stable and normal. Therefore, don't I think cross-border e-commerce is a track that makes you rich. If you have no confidence after two days, or feel that the profit value can not reach the height you want, you should not choose this industry as soon as possible, because all your time is wasted

4. People who are timid and dare not challenge themselves and accept new things are not suitable

to be an e-commerce is to sell products on a platform built by the Internet. What's more, cross-border e-commerce is still sold to foreigners. Customers are different and logistics attributes are different. Therefore, some people are worried about capital, pressure on payment for goods and other issues, and dare not try easily. But in fact, I tell you, it's not as serious as you think. First of all, every country, including China, has the same strict control over e-commerce. Secondly, if we want to find the right platform and connect the payment and withdrawal channels, there will be no problem. Finally, we must follow the rules of the platform and don't do the opposite. Only in this way can we ensure the stable growth of the profits of the store. Then some friends who are used to their own comfort circle have two choices: either continue to live in their own safety circle, can not change the current situation, and will never make a breakthrough; Or boldly accept new things, dare to venture and fight, and enrich your life experience infinitely

well, let's analyze these four points today. It's purely my point of view. Don't spray if you don't like it! If you want to know something about cross-border e-commerce, pay attention to me

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