required for beginners: how to analyze before doing cross-border e-commerce?



required for novices: how to analyze before doing cross-border e-commerce?

Introduction: how to do cross-border e-commerce? to do cross-border e-commerce, we must comprehensively analyze our own , such as products, profits, etc.; at the same time, we should also analyze the platform, logistics and other contents . In this article, we will introduce how to analyze ourselves and the platform.

selection analysis

cross border e-commerce selection is a particularly big thing. Sellers should not only analyze price , Quality , Sales , competitors , but also analyze interests, hobbies and customs of overseas buyers.

about price, quality, sales volume and competitors, mainly analyzes the profit index , all sellers need to comprehensively consider the size of the product, need analyze the cost of logistics and transportation ; need to understand the quality of the product, consider the issue of return and replacement ; the pricing of products needs to be considered to avoid too thin profits...

as for the analysis of interests, hobbies, customs and habits of overseas buyers, we can refer to the above Introduction to cross-border hot money: check the" unfashionable domestic products "loved by foreigners! .

platform analysis

platform analysis let's first look at the entry conditions and costs of common platforms. We also explained earlier: various cross-border e-commerce platforms: entry conditions and fees!

at present, Amazon, express and eBay are the most settled platforms.

Logistics Analysis

logistics analysis needs to be combined with platform and sales season .

combined platform:

<span <spanspan span <spanspan span <spanspan span span> spanspan span span span span span spanspan span span <spanspan span span span span span span span span span span < logistics cost accounting is required for quick selling... combined with sales season:

<span bdsfid id="135"class="="bjh-p-p" the sort of fast and slow from the <span bdsfid="id="135"class="135"class="bjh-class="bjh-strong"time of"time, as a standard for logistics choice strong" strong "" "" spanbdsfid="139 "Class=" bjh strong " high and low grid as the standard for logistics selection. cross border e-commerce learning

if you have any questions about cross-border e-commerce, you can add customer service wechat to provide free guidance and share cross-border e-commerce operation methods and operation materials; there are also daily dry goods for cross-border e-commerce operation ~

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