is Shopify or bigcommerce used for the establishment of independent foreign trade stations?




many small partners are very hesitant when foreign trade brands go to sea to build independent stations. Do they choose Shopify or rising star bigcommerce

let's talk about the differences between their two platforms first:

shopify or bigcommerce? Shopify logo

1. Shopify is a platform that has developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with WordPress, it is simpler to build a website and can build a website quickly without too much computer knowledge.

suitable sellers: it is more suitable for sellers whose customers are C-end, and hidden prices cannot be set.

is shopify or bigcommerce used for the establishment of independent foreign trade stations? bigcommerce logo

2. Bigcommerce is an independent e-commerce station established in Australia in the early years, which is more difficult to expand and operate than Shopify.

suitable sellers: customers who are partial to b-end can set hidden prices, and the number of employees is not limited.

here, you may see which platform is suitable for you.

the first step is to determine whether you want to be B2B or B2C.

for B2B, it is recommended to use bigcommerce.

the second step is to estimate the annual sales, and the package can be selected from low to high.

summary. Bigcommerce is a rising star, so the plug-in and expansibility are not strong. Please consider it clearly before choosing.

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