four measures taken by the tax department to help stabilize foreign trade enterprises are confident that "the road is wider and wider"



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<span bdsfid="62"class="bjh-p> the current international epidemic continues to spread, the downside risk of the world economy intensifies, and China's foreign trade development is facing severe challenges that have not been seen for many years." On April 29, the State Administration of Taxation held a press conference. Fu Shulin, spokesman of the State Administration of Taxation, pointed out that the tax department has helped stabilize the basic market of foreign trade through four measures at the same time. Up to now, nearly 270000 export enterprises have handled 320 billion yuan of tax refund (Exemption) through "non-contact" means, accounting for more than 90% of the total tax refund (Exemption) Handled in the same period

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China Center for international economic exchanges, told the Securities Daily that stabilizing foreign trade is an important measure to stabilize employment and economy. Affected by the epidemic, foreign trade enterprises are facing the risk of shrinking orders, rising epidemic prevention costs and increasing business difficulties. Continuing to increase export tax rebates has become an important measure to stabilize foreign trade enterprises

Fu Yifu, senior researcher of Suning Institute of finance, told the reporter of Securities Daily that the implementation of export tax rebate and other policies has injected a "booster" into foreign trade enterprises, which can alleviate the capital pressure of foreign trade enterprises to a great extent, reduce their cost burden in all aspects and help enterprises tide over difficulties, At the same time, foreign trade enterprises can also have more abundant funds to develop new products and expand the market, so as to enhance their international competitiveness

according to Fu Shulin, the tax department has helped stabilize the basic market of foreign trade by taking four measures at the same time, including "raising rate", "expanding enclosure", "online office" and "tolerance". "Raising the rate" is to increase the export tax rebate rate of some products and help enterprises improve their competitiveness. "Encirclement expansion" is to expand the pilot scope of relevant preferential policies and help enterprises reduce their burden. "Online operation" is to implement the online operation of export tax refund (Exemption) business to improve the efficiency of tax refund. "Vacancy tolerance" means to implement the "vacancy tolerance handling" of on-site verification of export tax rebate (Exemption) and speed up the tax rebate

Chengdu Oukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Oukang pharmaceutical") is mainly engaged in API, and its products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Japan and other regions in East Asia. This year, affected by the domestic epidemic, the company resumed work and production relatively late. In March, the domestic epidemic improved significantly, and the continuous deterioration of the overseas epidemic caused a "second" impact on the export-oriented enterprises represented by Oukang medicine. In March, the export volume of enterprises once fell by nearly 40%

after learning that the company had difficulties in domestic long-distance freight transportation, the tax department took the initiative to coordinate with the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and screened the list of freight enterprises through invoice data to help enterprises build a green channel for long-distance transportation

Yang Sheng, the second Taxation Branch of Qionglai Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, said in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily: "in order to help the enterprise resume work and production, we have identified a tax Commissioner to provide fixed-point assistance to the company and guide the enterprise to enjoy the preferential corporate income tax of more than 170000 yuan in the first quarter."

Ye Lirong, financial director of Oukang medicine, said: "with the benefits of the national tax reduction and fee reduction policy and the warm help of the tax department, I believe our road will be wider and wider."

how to stabilize foreign trade in the next step, Fu Shulin said that in the next step, the tax department will continue to focus on the "four forces" requirements, further publicize and implement various preferential tax policies and measures, and make more contributions to stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment

Liu Xiangdong believes that in addition to adopting preferential tax policies, the key to stabilizing foreign trade is to unblock the global supply chain, expand demand diversification, beware of increasing risks caused by interruptions, and focus on stabilizing supply chain and industrial chain security while gradually increasing market demand

Fu Yifu suggested that at present, the situation of international epidemic prevention and control is still severe, which poses a severe challenge to the growth of China's foreign trade. At this time, we need to start from ourselves and make further efforts in promoting the optimization of export product structure, encouraging enterprises to actively implement the "going global strategy", vigorously supporting new forms of foreign trade and improving foreign trade liberalization and facilitation. At the same time, we should take the initiative to carry out diversified trade and investment cooperation, such as deepening the reform of the free trade zone in accordance with the international high-standard market opening model, giving the free trade zone greater reform autonomy, and promoting the border economic cooperation zone The construction of cross-border economic cooperation zones and other opening-up platforms, especially the markets of countries along the "the Belt and Road", partner countries with free trade agreements with China and countries with less serious epidemics, should continue to be explored to expand new growth points, so as to stabilize the basic market of China's foreign trade

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