Xining Customs: tariff guarantee insurance reduces pressure for foreign trade enterprises

出海易/ 2022-05-11

original title: Xining Customs: tariff guarantee insurance reduces pressure for foreign trade enterprises

"With the help of the customs, from January to May this year, we successfully obtained a tax guarantee of 9.2 million yuan from the insurance company through tariff guarantee insurance, which not only effectively improved the customs clearance efficiency, but also greatly alleviated the pressure of capital turnover and provided great help for enterprises to resume work and production as soon as possible." The relevant person in charge of Qinghai Copper Co., Ltd. told reporters

in order to optimize the port business environment, improve the level of cross-border trade facilitation and solve the problem of high institutional costs in the import link, in October 2018, the General Administration of customs and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued an announcement and decided to carry out the pilot reform of tariff guarantee insurance (hereinafter referred to as "tariff insurance") in the national customs from November 1, 2018, The enterprise may go through the tax guarantee formalities with the Customs by virtue of the tariff guarantee insurance policy issued by the insurance company. Compared with the customs tax guarantee previously implemented in the form of cash deposit or bank guarantee, customs protection has the comparative advantages of low access threshold, low premium cost, fast issuance of documents and strong customs clearance timeliness. When an enterprise applies for an insurance policy, it can enjoy the customs clearance convenience of "first release and then tax payment" of imported goods at the customs

Huang Yunsheng, deputy director of Xihai customs under Xining customs, said that through in-depth field investigation of relevant enterprises and coordination with banks, insurance companies and relevant government departments, we carried out a pilot reform of tariff protection in Qinghai Province in November 2018 and successfully introduced Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd The people's Insurance Company of China Limited participated in the tax guarantee business, which effectively solved the difficult and expensive financing problems of import and export enterprises in Qinghai Province, effectively reduced the cost of customs clearance, improved the efficiency of customs clearance, and promoted the development of foreign trade enterprises in Qinghai. Taking Qinghai Copper Co., Ltd. as an example, in 2019, the company handled 23 customs declarations for customs protection, involving a guaranteed tax amount of 39.87 million yuan. Under the customs protection mode, the enterprise only had to pay a premium of 600000 yuan. Before the implementation of tariff protection, if the enterprise uses cash to pay the deposit, the above declaration form needs to pay nearly 40 million yuan of tax deposit for guarantee

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