Xuzhou builds a procurement and supply docking platform for foreign trade enterprises to accurately connect consumer demand



in order to thoroughly implement the work requirements of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", actively give play to the guiding role of the government and the main role of enterprises, accurately connect consumer demand and help foreign trade enterprises develop the domestic market, Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a special docking meeting on the transfer of export of Xuzhou foreign trade products to domestic sales on August 17, Build an online and offline procurement and supply docking platform of "foreign trade enterprises + e-commerce platform + shopping malls and supermarkets", and strive to solve the difficulties of unsalable export products of enterprises

since the beginning of this year, the epidemic of COVID-19 has spread all over the world, international demand has shrunk, market vitality is insufficient, and export enterprises are facing the "three difficulties" of new orders, market development and survival and operation. In the face of difficulties and challenges, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in accordance with the work deployment of the municipal Party committee and municipal government for the year of deepening the business environment in 2020, focused on the development needs of enterprises, carried out a series of export to domestic sales activities according to the time and situation, and helped enterprises open up the domestic market and expand the living space of enterprises

at the special docking meeting of Xuzhou foreign trade products export to domestic sales, 42 foreign trade enterprises such as Xuzhou Jirui International Trade Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Okam Food Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Yunjin cotton wool Co., Ltd. docked with 13 home appliance business platforms and large supermarkets such as Suning Tesco, Jingdong Xuzhou Pavilion, shrimp skin and Carrefour supermarket. Domestic products include electronic products, textiles, handicrafts, outdoor products, agricultural products, daily necessities, food, toys, footwear products, medical materials, medical supplies and other categories

at the meeting, foreign trade enterprises represented by Xuzhou Jirui International Trade Co., Ltd. displayed their products on site and fully publicized the brand characteristics; The e-commerce enterprises represented by the shrimp platform publicize the investment promotion support policies and give free Commission for the first three months to foreign trade enterprises; Offline supermarkets represented by Carrefour introduced flexible and diverse cooperation methods and planned to establish a "exclusive zone for foreign trade products" in shopping malls and supermarkets. On site foreign trade enterprises responded warmly, actively discussed procurement and supply cooperation, and the docking meeting achieved good results

in the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to deepen the brand creation activities of "new business and heart service", take the conversion of exports to domestic sales as an important starting point for the implementation of the "double hundred action plan" for the convenience of people and enterprises, actively prepare for the special exhibition of export to domestic sales in Huaihai Economic Zone, and organize enterprises to launch Alibaba, made in China and other platforms to a wider range and higher level Greater efforts will be made to help the city's foreign trade enterprises expand the market online and offline, promote marketable products, broaden marketing channels, dissolve enterprise inventory and stabilize enterprise business. (Xu Baorong media reporter Zheng Wei correspondent Wang Jiaqi)

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