pay close attention to the implementation of policies and promote stability and quality of foreign trade



industrial production recovered rapidly, driving the increase of import demand for bulk products

Beijing, July 20 (reporter Luo Shanshan) the reporter recently learned from the Ministry of commerce that in the first half of this year, China's export was 7.71 trillion yuan, down 3%, import was 6.53 trillion yuan, down 3.3%, and export has been growing for three consecutive months since April, Imports grew positively in June. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe challenges brought by the epidemic to the development of foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce, together with various departments, has timely promoted the introduction and implementation of a series of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade, supported the development of foreign trade in improving export tax rebates, increasing foreign trade credit, increasing export credit insurance support and adding cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones, effectively alleviated difficulties for enterprises and fully stimulated the vitality of market players. The majority of foreign trade enterprises face difficulties and innovate and develop. Through joint efforts, foreign trade has stabilized. The foreign trade operation in the first half of the year mainly showed the following characteristics:

first, the layout of the international market was more optimized. Imports and exports to emerging markets fell by 2.4%, better than the overall decline of 0.8 percentage points. Imports and exports to ASEAN increased by 5.6%, becoming China's largest trading partner

Second, the domestic regional layout is more balanced. Exports from the central and western regions increased by 1.6%, 4.6 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate. Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces have actively undertaken industrial transfer, deeply explored overseas markets, and achieved double-digit growth in exports

Third, the vitality of private enterprises continues to increase. Private enterprises actively gave full play to their advantages of flexibility and adaptability, accelerated transformation and upgrading, and exports increased by 3.2%, better than the overall 6.2 percentage points

Fourth, the structure of export commodities continued to upgrade. The export of mechanical and electrical products decreased by 2.3%, 0.7 percentage points better than the overall decline. Among them, high-quality, high-tech and high value-added products such as integrated circuits, medical devices, laptops and instruments have achieved rapid growth, and the export growth of new energy vehicles has more than doubled

fifth, general trade shows strong resilience. China's domestic industry continues to transform and upgrade, and foreign trade enterprises speed up brand building. General trade exports fell by 2%, better than the overall decline of 1 percentage point

sixth, the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce and other new formats. Cross border e-commerce enterprises gave full play to their unique advantages such as no contact, short transaction chain and overseas warehouse, supported the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and online access, and the retail export of cross-border e-commerce increased by 28.7%. The policy environment of market procurement trade continued to improve, the vitality of market players continued to be stimulated, and exports increased by 33.4%

seventh, the import volume and price of major bulk commodities increased and fell. The situation of epidemic prevention and control in China has continued to improve, the economic operation has recovered steadily, and industrial production has recovered rapidly, driving the increase of import demand for bulk products. Imports of coal, crude oil, natural gas and copper ore increased by 12.7%, 9.9%, 3.3% and 3% respectively. Affected by the weak demand in the international market, the prices of bulk commodities generally fell, and the import prices of the above products decreased by 6.3%, 27.8%, 15.6% and 3.5% respectively

at present, the epidemic is still prevalent all over the world, some countries and regions rebound, new confirmed cases hit new highs, the world economy is in a serious recession, international demand has shrunk sharply, trade barriers have increased significantly, and the situation facing China's foreign trade development is still severe and complex. From the recent research, the difficulties faced by foreign trade enterprises, such as insufficient orders, poor logistics, unstable industrial chain and supply chain, are still very prominent

in the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will concentrate on "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", continue to pay close attention to the implementation of various policies, accelerate the introduction of a new round of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade, cultivate new forms and new models of trade, support the transfer of export products to domestic sales, improve the level of trade facilitation, actively expand imports, run the third China International Import Expo, and spare no effort to promote stability and quality of foreign trade

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