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[Yibang power news] on October 31, at the "2018 global cross border e-commerce service resources conference" cross border e-commerce independent station brand sea technology docking meeting, Fiona Lau, co-founder of shopline, delivered a keynote speech. She shared the five main success factors of becoming an independent station brand store. First, The e-commerce environment changes very fast, and Chinese sellers need to focus on many parts; Second, the operation needs to be very localized; Third, drain according to consumers' online habits; Fourth, do a good job in data analysis; Fifth, a very important part of being a successful independent station is user experience

the conference is guided by the Chengdu Municipal People's government, the Commissioner's office of the Ministry of Commerce in Chengdu and the Department of Commerce of Sichuan Province, hosted by Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce, undertaken by Yibang power, and supported by Chengdu Customs, Sichuan Branch of the State Administration of foreign exchange, Chengdu Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation and Chengdu Management Committee of China (Sichuan) pilot free trade zone, Jointly organized by Chengdu cross border E-Commerce Association and thinking network

shopline co founder fiona: operation of independent station the following is the transcript of the speech:

Fiona Lau: Hello, I'm Fiona and I'm the co-founder of shopline. President Bai just shared a lot of powerful advertising technology. Besides advertising technology, we need independent stations to let you use advertising technology. In this link, I'll share that shopline has contacted more than 120000 gold medal e-commerce users in the past five years. Through learning from successful customers, we share how to build a very successful independent station and official website.

recently, cross-border e-commerce has faced great challenges. Chinese sellers have always been product oriented in doing cross-border e-commerce. But now, due to many changes, more and more challenges, the retreat of demographic dividend, more and more fierce platform competition, higher and higher costs, and great changes in international policies, many cross-border E-commerce need to transform in China.

when we talk about cross-border e-commerce, why is brand value so important? If a Chinese seller wants to extend its life cycle, it needs to reach out to consumers. How to extend its life cycle? It needs to make a great difference with your competitors. When you can turn your own goods into a brand, you can raise the price higher. Consumers remember that it is not one of your popular products, they will remember your brand, and they will Come back and buy your other goods

if you want to make a great cross-border brand, you need to use the independent station mode. Why do independent stations? Because of high flexibility, independent station is the only way. You can present the story and perspective of your brand online in your favorite way. You can put the goods you want, you can use the colors you like, and everything is up to you. In traditional shopping malls and platforms, you can't have any data, and you don't know who your consumers are. You don't contact end customers. Cross border e-commerce always stays at the stage of selling goods, so independent stations are the only different way to collect data. Supply chain management is more flexible and improves profits without additional interference information. When you sell goods, other goods selling 3C products will not compete with you

we should all understand the advantages of independent station. In the past, I came into contact with so many different brands. Of course, there are many reasons for failure. I guess you want to know more about the successful cases. This brand also makes women's shoes. They started selling these women's shoes 5-7 years ago, but the initial mode is from the perspective of platform or mall. The boss found that there are women's shoes next to them, so they can't make a great difference. He would say that if he wants to operate in the long run and want to highlight himself, he should pull out his own brand. Five years ago, the couple began to build their own brand with the mode of independent station. D + AF is the brand abbreviated by the names of the two couples. In fact, the platform mall continues to operate, but he spends his time learning how to advertise, which is spent on independent stations. I didn't do it at first. Now I have done it for several years. Consumers remember that his brand is d + AF, rather than one of the stores in the mall. Maybe many of his competitors fell down within five years, or they didn't sell very well in the mall, but his independent station is getting better and better now. The same pair of shoes is more expensive than the previous mall. Because the brand value is, every time he launches a new product, customers will come back to buy it. Although they started from Taiwan, they are now sold to Hong Kong, Macao and Malaysia with their own brand independent station mode. They have also been sold to Europe and the United States since last quarter

we have seen so many brand stores. They have one thing in common and how to do it successfully. Let's briefly share the five main success factors here, so that you can refer to when you do an independent station

first, we all know that the e-commerce environment changes very fast, and Chinese sellers need to focus on many parts. Although they are very focused on building their own goods, Chinese sellers need to focus on how to do a good user experience and how to do marketing. When operating an independent station, the threshold and cost of what platform, service provider and tool to use need to be reduced to a very low level. For example, shopline provides 10000-20000 independent station packages a year. At the same time, it is very easy to start. We have done a good job in security and stability. Different e-commerce functions change greatly, and Google technology will always change. When we do independent station technology, we should also grow together. How to connect the supporting support, payment and logistics in the back is also what service providers think for Chinese sellers. When many Chinese sellers choose independent station service providers, the functions they must choose are very simple and easy to use. Only by lowering this threshold can they spend their time focusing on the goods they should do

Second, the operation needs to be very localized. Here we see two websites, in fact, the same store, the small home store we serve, the independent station operated in Taiwan and the independent war operated in Malaysia. The scheme provided by shopline e is completely different from that in Taiwan. We need to help him connect. What he needs to do is how to communicate with his consumers. In addition to language differences, different Festival Words and styles are also different. Taiwan station and Malaysia station will do different activities at different times, and the pricing strategy will be different

Third, drain according to consumers' online habits. Where do you want consumers to be? It's not as scary as everyone thinks. It's not that you need to learn 100 ways to drain and find new customers. In Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, most consumers spend more than a quarter of their time starting from Google, looking for agents, or learning to advertise in different media such as Google. Independent station is very important, otherwise where does your traffic come from

Fourth, do a good job in data analysis. We all know the benefits of independent stations. We know that many stores attach great importance to users' data, or we can see how consumers browse independent stations, but some data platforms can't give them. You need to learn how to look when you get the data at the independent station, otherwise it's useless for you to get the data, because you don't take it seriously. We see that the most successful brand stores will spend a lot of time looking at which products have the highest browsing rate and which are not seen. It is possible that the products most viewed by people do not represent the highest conversion rate, or they are very focused on each step of the shopping process. Where are the most lost customers and adding orders? It is other aspects. Good stores can increase the conversion rate to 3 or 4. Looking at the data is very small, but if the turnover is 1 million, the conversion rate will be improved, so the turnover will double. Now there are many analysis tools, and Google ads is a good tool

fifth, a very important part of being a successful independent station is user experience. After drainage, enter the independent station. Consumers are not trustworthy when measuring the value of this brand, because it is not on a platform, but your own brand is displayed now. When he clicks in, the first page is to see the design and color, see a product and feel like it, join the shopping cart and place an order. The whole process is smooth, then how about logistics, and then the experience of after-sales service. In each link, customers are evaluating whether the brand is worth buying again. Successful brands do not rely on new customers for all their orders and turnover. They should cultivate loyal fans and repeat customers. If you do a good job in user experience and operation process, this customer will always be yours. Just like I shared the brand of D + AF women's shoes before, when you launch other products in the future, because you believe in your brand and the story behind you, he will come back to buy it. The method of user experience should not only focus on how the goods are, but also take care of the whole user process experience

in fact, shopline has really been in contact with various brands in the past five years. Now we see a great opportunity. We see a lot of great Chinese goods, which are now available

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