recommendation of five WordPress essential plug-ins for foreign trade websites (2019)




the website has been decorated, but many details and functions cannot be satisfied. For example, I did SEO myself, so some SEO Tags are not done well, so I will feel very confused

because 60% of the websites in the world are made with WordPress, which gives WordPress plug-ins a good living environment. Many powerful plug-ins have been updated rapidly with the update of WordPress. WordPress doesn't have any functions. You can find them in WordPress plug-in

WordPress comes with two plug-ins:

<akismet anti spam" this introduction is frightening and the best anti spam plug-in in the world. However, the API needs to be set in Akismet. Since the website has no traffic and is not afraid of spam comments, this plug-in is not used for the time being. (when your blog starts to have traffic, there will be a lot of spam comments, and this plug-in is very useful)

<hello dolly", after reading the introduction, show it's OK or not

five wordpress essential plug-ins recommended for foreign trade websites (2019)

WordPress plug-ins don't lie in many, and it's good to be able to solve the needs. Moreover, the more plug-ins, the slower the website will run. So the more plug-ins, the better. I think there are five plug-in tools for WordPress foreign trade website.

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