Alibaba international station marries Zhilian recruitment to jointly create a one-stop talent matching link



on January 8, Alibaba international station signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhilian recruitment to jointly build a vertical service platform for foreign trade talents

it is understood that this cooperation will integrate Zhilian recruitment and the customized cultivation of foreign trade talent pool of one hundred cities and one thousand schools of Ali international station, and carry out hierarchical marking of talents, so as to realize a complete service link from talent cultivation, recruitment, matching, on-the-job and post development

Yu Yong, vice president of Alibaba and co general manager of Alibaba international station, said that "cost, growth and transaction are the core of enterprise development, and the recruitment and education of foreign trade talents has always been the core factor restricting the development of merchants". The two sides jointly said that in the future, the number of certified talents employed will be 1 million and 500000 cross-border businesses will be matched within three years, and 300 talent service providers will be helped to make profits

alibaba international station marries zhilian recruitment to jointly create a one-stop talent matching link

site map of strategic agreement signed between Alibaba international station and Zhilian recruitment

nowadays, with the trend of fragmented and diversified transactions in the market, how to efficiently face the complex situation of the trade environment of various countries and the characteristics of class B procurement is the problem to be solved by Alibaba international station. How to ensure efficient internal operation and maintain smooth system needs the support of corresponding talents.

the purpose of this cooperation between Alibaba international station and Zhilian recruitment is to open up the talent collection, cultivation and certification system. The two sides will work together to build a hierarchical vertical service platform for foreign trade talents, cultivate talents with abilities in foreign trade, operation, resource integration and other aspects, and infiltrate them into the operation of b-end merchant bank and C-end talent bank, so as to make the road of cross-border foreign trade more efficient.

alibaba international station marries zhilian recruitment to jointly create a one-stop talent matching link

screenshot of relevant positions of enterprises on the platform of Zhilian recruitment Alibaba international station

in fact, the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce talents has always been a key part of Alibaba international station's strategy to help small and medium-sized enterprises go to sea digitally. Alibaba international station provides free talent recruitment package services for platform foreign trade merchants to help merchants efficiently meet their personalized service needs. At the same time, the health of service providers and services can be continuously improved.

the data shows that the talent recruitment service of Alibaba international station has covered nearly 3W foreign trade enterprises, helping businesses successfully obtain nearly 90000 foreign trade job resumes. This strategic signing is a further upgrade of Alibaba international station and Zhilian recruitment on the basis of good cooperation.

in this cooperation, Alibaba international station will open up the foreign trade service merchant database and realize the interface between the merchant management CRM system, the merchant store management background, the talent authentication layered system and the talent recruitment platform.

establish clear classification and layering standards for cross-border e-commerce industry on the talent side, and achieve efficient matching through ordinary matching, accurate data matching, dialogue tools, chat and special scenes; establish extensive and in-depth institutional cooperation through the projects of hundreds of cities and thousands of schools and Alibaba Digital Trade College, and cultivate and introduce layered practical foreign trade talents.

alibaba international station marries zhilian recruitment to jointly create a one-stop talent matching link

interpretation of the recruitment cooperation mode between Alibaba international station and Zhilian

as a leading talent ecosystem builder in China, Zhilian recruitment has been deeply engaged in the recruitment industry for 25 years, and has accumulated a huge b-end and C-end scale of the industry, as well as a mature third-party product system. Through recruitment, evaluation and other service modules, coupled with strong technical strength and data accumulation, it has helped build the talent system of Alibaba international station and consolidated the foundation for talent cultivation and development of Alibaba international station.

in this strategic cooperation, Zhaopin will present a cross-border e-commerce talent service platform in the form of sub channels. A dual end display of PC and app will be established, and" cross-border e-commerce"will be added through a fixed exposure entrance Exclusive position recommendation page and other ways to show the talent needs of enterprises for positions related to Alibaba international station platform. And recommend matching position information to job seekers through accurate algorithms. In addition, the cross-border e-commerce talent pool of Zhilian recruitment platform will continue to work with the international station to introduce new foreign trade talents

Guo Sheng, CEO of Zhaopin, said that the strategic cooperation between Alibaba and Zhaopin will create ecological digital talents in a complementary way, truly realize the accurate matching of talents, and is also a major breakthrough in the field of cross-border e-commerce

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