can Amazon cross-border e-commerce do_ Is cross-border e-commerce OK



recently, some friends wrote to me privately, saying that the recent COVID-19 has been rampant all over the world, and everyone can't live in peace. Is it OK to be an Amazon? For this topic, my previous article has a more detailed analysis. Welcome to my home page

I. foreign markets:

the cumulative number of infections in the world has exceeded 3.5 million, and now the epidemic in the United States has exceeded 1.9 million, with 20000 new people every day. The epidemic continues to develop, only increasing, and unemployment is serious

the United States announced the suspension of all Chinese civil aviation flights from June 16. Air transportation is bullish, and sea transportation may burst

the protests triggered by the "death of black men" in the United States have spread to more than 70 cities in the United States. Curfews have been imposed in many cities across the United States

at present, ups and FedEx delivery trucks in the United States have been ransacked repeatedly, which has a great impact on the timeliness and safety of later delivery of products. Amazon officials are also constantly adjusting the express delivery business to reduce the impact. Amazon is reducing and adjusting its express delivery business in Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities close to the places where riots occur frequently, and closing some delivery operation points to ensure the safety of workers. But these can only be passive coping strategies. Uncertainties in international trade have intensified. Looting is rampant. Maybe your Amazon package was robbed and set up a stall by your brother on the road

If trump does not take effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic and domestic riots, or is not looking for China's fault, shirking responsibility and throwing the pot everywhere, the US economy will be very worrying in the second half of the year

on June 5, with the easing of the epidemic in Europe, countries have gradually "unsealed". In order to control the distance of space contact, the sales of touch bicycles in Europe have soared. In May this year, bicycle sales in the Spanish market increased by more than 22 times year-on-year. In Italy and Britain, bicycle sales have also increased by about four times

can amazon do cross-border e-commerce? is it ok to do cross-border e-commerce

in addition to bicycles, electric scooters are also a favorite mode of transportation and entertainment for Europeans, and their sales have also increased significantly. In Italy, the sales of electric scooters have increased by nearly 9 times, in the UK by nearly 8 times, and in France and Spain by 380% and 280% respectively.

can amazon cross-border e-commerce do it_ how is cross-border e-commerce doing

II. Find the law from the market

in terms of the effect of epidemic prevention and control, China's joint prevention and control effect is obvious to all the world. It took only four months, and at present, the local patients in China are basically cleared. The momentum of returning to work and production is at its peak, and the foreign trade is also made in China, which is more recognized and familiar to foreigners. The epidemic will eventually be controlled by mankind, and people's consumption habits will be difficult to change, and then they will rely more on Chinese products 。 We should learn to see the law from the law of market development. After the epidemic situation has improved, what foreigners need more, have a rational analysis, grasp the dividends of reform and opening up, the the Belt and Road and the government on cross-border trade, and the next person to be blown up by the wind is you

so at present, cross-border e-commerce is still a trend lts548, we need to expand the market, and foreigners also need our help. Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation are the trend of social development

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