800 billion yuan export tax rebate helps foreign trade enterprises "speed up"



source: Guangming Daily


with the effectiveness of a series of foreign trade stabilization policies and measures, China's foreign trade exports have maintained positive year-on-year growth for three consecutive months since April. Behind this change, According to the data released by the State Administration of Taxation on the 29th, an important force from taxation, in the first half of this year, the tax authorities launched a series of measures to promote the facilitation of export tax rebate and speed up the speed of export tax rebate, so as to promote the speed and efficiency of export tax rebate; In the first half of the year, a total of 812.8 billion yuan of export tax rebates (Exemptions) were handled nationwide, which effectively alleviated the financial pressure of export enterprises and helped foreign trade enterprises "speed up"

policy overweight, The expansion fund "living pool"

<this time, the state has increased the export tax rebate rate of some products, and our company's emery cloth, sandpaper and other products can benefit. the tax rebate rate has been adjusted from 10% to 13%. in the first half of this year, the export tax rebate has increased by more than 1 million yuan, which is of great help to the company."said chen xiaoming, financial director of shandong bosch abrasive industry co., ltd

the policy that Chen Xiaoming said benefited them came from the announcement on increasing the export tax rebate rate of some products issued by the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance in March this year. The announcement made it clear that the export tax rebate rate of 1464 products will be increased, of which the export tax rebate rate of 1084 products will be increased to 13%. By the end of June, nearly 25000 export enterprises across the country had enjoyed the dividend of this policy and ushered in the "living water" of development funds

fan Yong, a professor at the Central University of Finance and economics, said that the export tax rebate policy plays an important role in encouraging exports and promoting economic development. The increase of the export tax rebate rate is conducive to reducing the operating costs of enterprises and improving the international competitiveness of export products. Under the background of the global spread of the epidemic and the downturn of the international market, it has effectively boosted the confidence of foreign trade enterprises and is an important move to help foreign trade enterprises overcome difficulties

efficiency is improved, tax rebate "highway" is set up

at the same time, tax rebate efficiency is also improved. "After the declaration and review on the same day, the tax refund of more than 11 million yuan will arrive the next day." Ms. Qin, the financial director of Dongdian electronic components (Zhuhai Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd., said, "such a awesome tax rebate speed has guaranteed the capital flow of the enterprise, and given us greater confidence and confidence in the resumption of work and production."

in order to speed up the speed of export tax rebate and allow foreign trade enterprises to have a stable capital flow, the tax authorities have actively opened a green channel for export tax rebate, implemented "online", "paperless" and other "non-contact" handling of export tax rebate, and accelerated the average handling time of national normal export tax rebate by 20%. According to statistics, since the implementation of the "non-contact" handling of export tax rebate on February 10, about 300000 enterprises have handled 629.6 billion yuan of tax refund (Exemption) through the "non-contact" way

the cloud "tolerance and shortage handling" of export tax rebate is also one of the "non-contact" tax handling measures. "When we first handled the declaration of export tax rebate, we were worried about how to submit the paper materials, so we received a call from the tax department, telling us that we could handle the shortage and supplement the materials after tax rebate. This trust is very warm." Yu Huifang, the financial director of Zhejiang Senya import and Export Co., Ltd., was relieved to receive the tax rebate message of 910000 yuan

the reporter learned that in order to ensure the normal tax refund of enterprises, the tax authorities will first handle the tax refund (Exemption) within the limit for the export businesses with controllable risks such as the first tax refund (Exemption) declaration of newly established export enterprises, and then go through the on-site verification procedures after the end of the epidemic. In the first half of the year, about 11000 newly established export enterprises in China enjoyed the service dividend of "tolerance and shortage" and obtained nearly 10 billion yuan of tax refund (Exemption), which effectively reduced the tax cost and timely alleviated the financial pressure of enterprises

Li Wanfu, vice president of the China tax society, believes that the tax authorities continue to optimize the tax business environment, make a "reduction" method on the tax related burden of enterprises and a "plus" method on the tax related dividends, inject "living water" into the capital for the resumption of work, production and marketing of enterprises, and pry the competitiveness and market vitality of foreign trade enterprises

service quality improvement, Add convenient "tax energy"

<span bdsfid="90"class="bjh-p> originally, we only submitted the application for export tax rebate of 13 million yuan. Unexpectedly, the tax department took the initiative to inform us that through the analysis of tax big data, we should still have 7 million yuan of certified invoices that did not declare tax rebate in time. After checking, it was found that it was so, which was a big gift package!" Speaking of this unexpected "surprise", Yin Xiaohong, financial director of Anhui Wuhu Southeast Asia International Trade Co., Ltd., was excited. The application of tax big data in export tax rebate makes the services of tax departments more proactive, timely and accurate

considerate services are also reflected in more places: in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in view of the increased business risks, failure to receive payment in time, increased risk of foreign exchange collection and other problems of some foreign trade enterprises during the epidemic period, Ningbo Municipal Taxation Bureau and Ningbo Branch of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation piloted the special service activity of "tax protection coordination" of export enterprises in Cixi City, Launch cooperation service projects such as "sharing claim settlement data" and "claim settlement as foreign exchange collection"; According to the situation of enterprises, the tax department of Fujian Province has customized the "cloud package" of export tax rebate, carried out policy answers through wechat and video, and used big data analysis and telephone interview to review and evaluate the tax rebate; Shijiazhuang Taxation Department of Hebei Province produced online courses such as "training on export tax rebate policy for epidemic prevention and control" and "single window operation" to help understand the tax rebate policy

the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation said that the tax department will continue to implement various export tax rebate policies and measures to benefit and warm up enterprises, provide more high-quality and efficient tax services for foreign trade enterprises, help foreign trade enterprises stabilize and achieve long-term development, and promote high-quality economic development. (reporter Chen Chen)

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