cross border e-commerce to help foreign trade "excellent in and excellent out"

出海易/ 2022-05-11

at 9:30 a.m. on February 8, in Xiasha Park, Hangzhou cross border e-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone, customs officers are monitoring the real-time customs clearance of imported cross-border goods through the monitoring screen. "Di, Di, di..." one after another imported packages from cross-border e-commerce enter the X-ray scanning equipment through the assembly line and accept customs supervision. These packages come from all over the world. After customs clearance, they will be loaded into express trucks and sent to consumers. In 2018, Hangzhou Customs has inspected and released 3.7 million cross-border retail imported goods in Hangzhou comprehensive test zone, realizing a "good start"

according to the relevant person in charge of the General Administration of customs, at present, China has set up 13 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental areas in Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and other cities, with more than 2400 cross-border e-commerce positive list commodities, which are distributed in the fields of household appliances, shoes, bags, food, formula milk powder, infant diapers, children's clothing and so on. In the face of increasing trade volume, how to ensure that supervision is in place and customs clearance is orderly? The answer given by the customs is: seek efficiency from science and technology, innovate supervision methods, improve customs clearance speed, make it easy for consumers and businesses to "buy the world and sell the world", and promote the "preferential import and export" of foreign trade

scientific and technological innovation, customs supervision "hearing and seeing"

cross border e-commerce is a new business form. Compared with the traditional trade model, it has the characteristics of fragmentation, small amount and high frequency, which puts forward a new topic for customs supervision

<p bdsfid="59> If I follow the traditional freight supervision mode, I have to run six times between the customs declaration hall and the freight station to declare one ticket of goods." Lin Yibin, customs manager of Guangzhou Huixing e-commerce Co., Ltd., pointed to the computer screen and said, "now with the customs system, you only need to click the mouse in front of the computer to complete customs clearance."

Lin Yibin's "this system" is a cross-border e-commerce import information management platform developed by the General Administration of customs. Relying on this platform, the cross-border e-commerce business has realized the whole process of "online" operation from document review, inspection to release, reducing the pressure of enterprise declaration and meeting the requirements of rapid customs clearance of e-commerce. According to the statistics of Guangzhou Customs, on the day of "double 11" last year, the system checked and released 16.195 million tickets of cross-border e-commerce, a record high. Brand clothing, cosmetics, luggage, health care products and other imported goods are the most concerned by consumers

in Xiasha Park of Hangzhou comprehensive test zone, customs officer Zheng Binbin and his colleagues are inventory the cross-border commodities in the bonded warehouse. Holding a device similar in appearance to a mobile phone, they are scanning the code of cross-border goods. The full name of this device is "cross-border Internet of things handheld mobile device", which is a supervision tool independently developed by Hangzhou Customs. With it, the customs cross-border commodity supervision has realized "hearing and seeing"

<p bdsfid="62> using this equipment, customs officers can quickly obtain the product name, shelf time, inventory and other information of cross-border goods when scanning the code, and can also immediately issue control and inspection instructions to suspected goods." Zheng Binbin said

in Qingdao Customs, the customs supervision has realized the information sharing and data exchange of cross-border e-commerce and port management departments, and realized the paperless whole process in enterprise filing, document review, taxation, release and other links. Last year, Shandong's cross-border e-commerce import and export reached 1.98 billion yuan, an increase of 4 times over the previous year. Among them, Qingdao's cross-border e-commerce import and export reached 890 million yuan, an increase of 13.4 times over the previous year

customs clearance is convenient. Cross border goods use the "through train"

at 1 a.m., a plane carrying fresh Boston lobster landed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The customs opened a "green channel" and immediately handled the "through train" inspection

it takes only 3 hours from flight landing, order receiving, warehouse out, sealing and transportation to warehouse in. On the same day, these lobsters can enter the people's "vegetable basket". Such "fresh" customs clearance speed has attracted a large number of enterprises carrying out fresh cross-border e-commerce business to gather in Guangzhou

according to the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Customs, the Customs has simplified the import declaration process of cross-border e-commerce, and launched seven convenient measures in Nansha bonded port area and Baiyun Airport comprehensive insurance zone, such as automatic examination of commodity entry form and docking of logistics auxiliary system with cross-border system, so as to "eliminate complexity and simplify" customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Today, Nansha bonded port area and Baiyun Airport comprehensive protection zone have formed a cross-border e-commerce ecosystem with convenient logistics and complete chain

in Tianjin, the customs sent personnel to the enterprise reservoir area to carry out point-to-point services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises. In the express distribution center of Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, a large number of sorting workers have disappeared in the past. Instead, a full-automatic sorting system integrating weighing, scanning, square measurement and sorting is used. An express can be completed in five minutes from entering the area to loading. At present, Tianjin has introduced and cultivated more than 300 cross-border e-commerce enterprises. JD global shopping and Netease koala have taken Tianjin as the distribution center in North China

<p bdsfid="69> relying on the location, function and policy advantages of Tianjin, JD group will take Tianjin cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouse as the central warehouse covering North China and Northeast China, and strive to build a cross-border e-commerce logistics base in the north." The relevant person in charge of JD group said

pay equal attention to import and export, and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

cross border e-commerce is not only "import", but also "export". It is not only a trade mode of "domestic consumers buying foreign goods", but also a new form of "Internet + foreign trade" to promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

according to Wang Baoquan, head of the customs clearance management section of the Beijing customs supervision and clearance office, China's cross-border e-commerce has formed four modes: Online bonded import, direct purchase import, regional export and general export

last year, Beijing Customs examined and released 32.5898 million declarations of cross-border e-commerce retail export business, a year-on-year increase of 62.78%; 3.0745 million import business declaration forms were inspected and released, with a year-on-year increase of 246.06%

in order to facilitate the export of enterprises, Beijing Customs has set up a special "postal cross-border e-commerce export supervision field", which brings the postal parcels that used to be checked and released manually into the e-commerce management system, allowing enterprises to implement summary customs declaration. Enterprises can declare in advance before the goods arrive at the customs supervision place. After the goods arrive, they can directly pass the machine inspection system for customs inspection and release. The average customs clearance time is reduced to 0.43 hours, and the logistics cost is greatly reduced

Lin manyun, head of the marketing department of China Post Express Guangdong Branch, told reporters that due to the large differences between cross-border e-commerce and traditional trade, it is difficult for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to handle export tax rebates according to general trade supervision

in order to solve this problem, the post office of Guangzhou Customs launched the supervision mode of "list verification, release and summary declaration" for cross-border e-commerce retail export. The customs forms a customs declaration form according to the declaration list, and the enterprise receives the tax rebate certificate. The tax rebate problem was solved

last year, the total value of cross-border e-commerce export summary declaration of Guangzhou customs post office was 8.45 billion yuan, covering nearly 40 countries and regions such as Russia, Israel, Poland, Hungary and Turkey. Home appliances, mobile phones, clothing, home furnishings and other domestic high-quality commodities have become the main force of export

the relevant person in charge of the General Administration of Customs said that the national customs will continue to innovate the customs supervision mode of cross-border e-commerce, study and introduce institutional measures that can be replicated and promoted in the comprehensive pilot zone of cross-border e-commerce, deepen the reform of "online Shanghai Customs", make customs clearance more efficient and convenient, and fully support the development of cross-border e-commerce

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