the total export volume in the first half of the year was 3.67 billion



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since this year, In close connection with the actual economic work of the whole county, our county conscientiously implements the policies and measures of the higher authorities to promote the development of foreign trade, further optimizes the services of foreign trade enterprises, and promotes the steady progress of foreign trade import and export of the whole county

a few days ago, the reporter saw in the production workshop of Zhejiang Kaihua mould Co., Ltd. that intelligent devices are running at full power, and a batch of automobile moulds that workers are speeding up will be sent to India in mid September

since this year, the foreign trade sales of "Kaihua mould" have achieved rapid growth. From January to July, the total foreign trade export volume of the enterprise exceeded 50 million yuan, while the foreign trade export volume in the same period last year was only 6 million yuan

in addition to "Kaihua mould", Zhejiang Cohen Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. also handed over a bright foreign trade "report card"

as a pure export foreign trade enterprise, "Cohen sanitary ware" has reached 300 million yuan in foreign trade sales at present, and 350 million yuan in foreign trade exports last year

<our orders have been scheduled to december this year, and the output value of this year is expected to reach 500 million yuan."dai haibin, general manager of zhejiang cohen sanitary ware co., ltd., told reporters

the reporter learned from the County Bureau of commerce that in the first half of this year, the County's total foreign trade exports reached 3.67 billion yuan, an increase of 31.9% over the same period. The steady growth of foreign trade exports benefits from the promotion of a series of effective measures. In the first half of the year, our county held a symposium on foreign trade enterprises to timely introduce supporting policies for the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises. At the same time, in view of the difficulty of fixing containers and warehouses, a container subsidy policy was issued. For enterprises with sea freight, a subsidy of 5% and an upper limit of 200000 yuan was given. For warehousing problems, a subsidy of 20% and no more than 200000 yuan was given

in addition, the county has also actively explored the "Internet + foreign trade" mode, and built a platform for enterprises through "cloud Exhibition", "cloud transaction" and "cloud negotiation" to help develop diversified markets and continuously expand market participants. Strengthen policy publicity, actively organize and organize enterprises to participate in various policy training and foreign trade business knowledge publicity, guide enterprises to make good use of foreign trade policies and solve difficulties for enterprises. At present, a large number of enterprises such as "Kaihua mould" and "Cohen sanitary ware" have worked overtime, expanded production and increased production

"In the next step, we will revise the new foreign trade policy according to the actual situation, increase the proportion of subsidies on Logistics subsidies, warehousing and export credit insurance subsidies, and use the policy lever to pry the export of foreign trade enterprises. In addition, we will continue to hold various bank enterprise matchmaking meetings to alleviate the financing problems of enterprises and lay a solid foundation for winning the 'year-round red'." Chen Hongqin, party secretary and director of the County Bureau of Commerce, said

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