foreign trade enterprises: foreign trade websites promote high-quality channel sharing

出海易/ 2022-05-11

the traditional way for foreign trade enterprises to expand customers overseas is exhibition marketing. However, with the increase of foreign trade enterprises, it is more difficult to obtain customers through exhibitions. There are more monks and fewer goods, and there are more than three goods. Therefore, many foreign trade enterprises have focused on Internet marketing. How to promote foreign trade websites at present? What are the channels and the effect

Channel 1. Google ads paid promotion

Google ads is an online advertising platform owned and operated by Google. Ads is also the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world. Millions of enterprises use Adwords to advertise online to attract new customers and develop business. Generally speaking, it is Google bidding advertising

advantages: quick results, traffic and inquiries can be obtained after launch, and whether the bill can be signed depends on the sales ability and product strength of the enterprise; The coverage is relatively wide. It can be said that all countries in the world can achieve coverage. As long as users search relevant keywords, our advertisements will have the opportunity to show

disadvantages; We need to spend time to optimize the advertising content, so as to increase the conversion and save costs. It takes some time to learn and be familiar with the operation, so that now many foreign trade enterprises will directly choose Google to operate on behalf of the company, such as "easy inquiry"

easy inquiry is a platform focusing on foreign trade integrated marketing and promotion services. It has 6 years of experience in foreign trade marketing and promotion. It is an authorized agent of Google and has the authorization of Google big data interface, which can provide one-to-one Google Advertising and promotion agent operation for foreign trade enterprises. Take the inquiry effect as the service guarantee and worry free after-sales

foreign trade enterprises: foreign trade websites promote high-quality channel sharing

Channel 2. Google SEO optimization

what is Google SEO optimization? To put it bluntly, it is to follow the Google search engine optimization technology and try the natural search ranking of official website keywords through on-site optimization, off-site promotion and other means, so as to obtain free display and traffic.

advantages: the cost is low. The monthly investment is the labor cost, and there may be a little payment channels, but the cost is generally not high; after the ranking optimization reaches the home page, it is very stable, and there will be traffic and inquiries on the website without subsequent costs. At present, most foreign trade enterprises are engaged in Google SEO optimization.

disadvantages: ranking optimization is difficult and requires a large investment of time, manpower and money in the early stage. If the optimization personnel do not awesome, they may not be angry for half a year. Therefore, Google SEO optimization also suggests outsourcing. It is easy to enquire about Google's optimized external operations and pay by keyword ranking. The effect is more guaranteed.

Channel 3. Foreign trade B2B platform. I don't need to introduce too much about

advantages: at present, Alibaba, globegroup and other large B2B platforms for foreign trade marketing have high popularity in the world. They concentrate many foreign trade purchasers and can be regarded as the target users.

disadvantages: similar to the current exhibition marketing, there are too many people doing it. Unless you spend money to compete with big brands and buy advertising space on the home page or industry column page, it will be difficult for buyers to find it. Some foreign trade enterprises may register B2B platforms for one or two months.

Channel 4. Sns social marketing: Facebook, twitter, linked in, SNS, etc.

advantages: it is a relatively new marketing and promotion model, just like the domestic Tiktok, information flow, etc., and the traffic is still large.

disadvantages: it is more suitable for the marketing of consumer products; in addition, you should be clear about your positioning and understand your target audience when promoting. In short, you still need a special account and professional care, which takes a lot of time.

well, the above is the analysis and introduction of the four popular channels for the promotion of foreign trade websites. I hope you can help

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