exclusive cross-border e-commerce opens offline race, and Netease koala offline store opens first



the key word of the 2017 e-commerce market, Linzhang

"enter offline", also penetrated into the field of cross-border e-commerce in early 2018

on January 30, tmall global announced that its offline store would open soon; On the same day, the source disclosed that Netease koala Haigou will also open its first cross-border e-commerce offline store; The next day, Fengqu Haitao announced that it would start offline layout

the offline race of cross-border e-commerce entered the sprint stage, and Netease koala shopping took the lead in hitting the line

on February 5, the first offline store of Netease koala Haigou officially opened in Raffles square, CBD of Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou

exclusive cross-border e-commerce opens offline race, netease koala offline store opens first

according to previous sources, this is the first step for Netease koala to start offline retail, and then it will lay out a number of offline physical stores in five other cities.

this also means that Netease koala's offline strategy has been launched in an all-round way, and Netease, which focuses on" new consumption", will have a face-to-face confrontation with Alibaba, which emphasizes" new retail ".

according to the information learned from the scene, the first offline physical store of Netease koala Haigou covers an area of about 60 square meters, and consumers can have zero distance access to imported goods such as famous mothers and babies, cosmetics, luxury bags and so on.

exclusive cross-border e-commerce opens offline race, and netease koala offline store opens first

at the same time, the goods in the global factory store of Netease koala have also become a highlight of offline stores. Consumers can experience high-quality clothing, accessories, home and other goods from the world's top factories, and online popular goods such as Ding Lei's scarf at the Wuzhen Internet Conference, which was once brushed on the screen, can also be purchased in the store.

the exclusive cross-border e-commerce opened the offline race, and netease koala offline store opened first

according to the on-site staff, the core of this physical store focuses on user experience, which is the preliminary attempt of offline retail layout of Netease koala overseas shopping. Through this pilot, data will be accumulated and generations will be quickly adjusted according to the needs and feedback of consumers, including decoration style, display mode, purchase process, etc.

after the model runs through, it will soon be replicated in Hangzhou and more first tier cities.

in fact, this is not the first time that Netease koala shopping has set foot in offline retail. Last November, Netease koala shopping reached a cooperation with the French kidiliz group to open a z-paris children's clothing store in Baolong City, Binjiang, Hangzhou, which is also the latter's first store in China. It is reported that the two sides will also cooperate to open 100 stores in China.

Netease koala overseas shopping has made frequent moves in the field of offline retail. Some industry analysts pointed out that cross-border e-commerce aims at high consumption groups and the offline layout can better meet the higher needs of this group for user experience. Ding Lei put forward the concept of" new consumption "based on people, and how the offline retail field will show differentiation will be one of the important highlights of this round of competition.

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