252 domestic and foreign trade projects of the 11th China International Trade Fair in 2020 reached a cooperation amount of 276 billion yuan



on November 29, the centralized signing ceremony of the 11th China Wuhan (Hankou North) Commodity Fair was held in Hankou north central square, Wuhan International Trade City. More than 500 people, including envoys and representatives of merchants from 38 countries, representatives of wholesale markets and industrial Internet enterprises all over the country, attended the meeting. 252 domestic and foreign trade projects were signed on site, with a cooperation amount of 276 billion yuan

at the event site, more than 300 signing merchants signed electronic contracts on their respective computer screens, and the Singapore Branch of the China International Trade Fair signed online synchronously. The conference contributed to a total of 252 domestic and foreign trade contracts in six aspects: international trade, international export, platform distribution, market procurement, market distribution and brand purchase and sales, with a total amount of 276 billion yuan

221 domestic trade projects were signed, with a signed amount of about 124.2 billion yuan. Among them, there were 32 market purchase agreements with an amount of 45.42 billion yuan, mainly signed between 50 large markets in China, such as Hankou north, Yiwu Small Commodity City, Linyi mall and Baigou luggage city; 69 market distribution agreements with an amount of 32.32 billion yuan, mainly for distribution transactions between small and medium-sized professional markets and key wholesale markets; 99 brand purchase agreements with an amount of 23.46 billion yuan, mainly for commodity purchase between brand manufacturing enterprises and the commercial market; There are 20 platform distribution agreements with an amount of 23 billion yuan, mainly for bulk commodity procurement between industrial Internet platform and major wholesale markets

31 foreign trade projects were signed, with a signed amount of about US $23.077 billion, including 6 international trade agreements, with a value of US $5.195 billion, mainly bulk commodity transactions and international trade between cross-border trade platforms and supply chain enterprises; There are 26 international export agreements with an amount of US $17.882 billion, mainly the export service cooperation between more than 20 national foreign trade enterprises and domestic brands

the China Trade Fair will build a cooperation bridge and promote large-scale signing, which will further strengthen Wuhan's pivotal role in the commodity and market cycle, accelerate the agglomeration and innovation transformation of digital trade industrial chain, help promote the internationalization of industrial factors such as bulk commodities, technology and services, and promote the revitalization of high-quality development of Wuhan after the epidemic

at the signing site, Zhuoer global digital trade platform "was officially launched. It is positioned at the super entrance of the national industrial Internet and the largest digital trade and public service platform in China. It will provide digital services in four characteristic sectors of finance, foreign trade, enterprise centralized purchase and tail goods distribution for the national industrial Internet platform and upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain. (Jiang Zhenze)

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