the performance of "black five" in 2017 was eye-catching, and the performance of mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms doubled




the picture shows the top ten categories most popular with consumers in the" black five"campaign. The picture provided by China e-commerce research center

Beijing, Hangzhou, November 28 (xuhanwen) on the 28th, China E-Commerce Research Center (, a well-known domestic e-commerce and Internet + think tank, released the" black five "cross-border import e-commerce evaluation report in 2017. The report released the" black five " (Black Friday, the same below) the achievements of various cross-border import e-commerce platforms: the sales of most mainstream cross-border import e-commerce platforms, including Amazon overseas outsourcing, tmall global, JD global, Netease koala overseas and Fengqu Haitao, have more than doubled

it is understood that "Black Friday" originated from the shopping festival in the United States. Since "black five" was first introduced into China by cross-border e-commerce platforms in 2013, its performance has been better than one year, and "black five" has gradually become a consumption boom for Chinese consumers

so why did the achievements of the "black five" platforms far exceed expectations this year? Cao Lei, director of China e-commerce research center, pointed out that the achievements of the "black five" promotion are remarkable, mainly benefiting from three aspects. First of all, thanks to the release of favorable policies such as the renewal of the "April 8" new deal before the "black five", the second review of the draft of the e-commerce law, and the announcement on the implementation date of the registration of imported infant formula milk powder products; Secondly, at the platform level, during the "black five" period, the upgrading and transformation of cross-border import e-commerce platforms in consumer finance, logistics services, quality assurance, after-sales service and other aspects; Thirdly, the consumption of China's middle-income people is upgrading rapidly, which is much higher than the capacity of the supply side. Cross border import e-commerce just meets the upgrading needs of Chinese consumers

in addition, many cross-border import e-commerce companies have taken measures to ensure the quality of goods, which has also become the reason for the popularity of the "black five". Yu Simin, assistant analyst of online retail department of China e-commerce research center, for example, Amazon has established warehouse to warehouse direct supply with the brand party or directly cooperated with the first-class supplier authorized by the brand to obtain the first-hand source of goods and ensure the real original import; JD established the "cross border traceability alliance" by proposing the concept of "cross border traceability"; Tmall global upgraded its global origin traceability plan and used big data to track the whole link of imported goods

it is worth mentioning that the report also released the ten most popular categories of the "black five" promotion this year. Taking Amazon's overseas shopping with the most "black five" lineage as an example, shoes and boots, clothing, beauty makeup, mother and baby, kitchenware, digital electronics, home, outdoor sports and luggage are the most popular categories for Amazon's overseas shopping users during the "black five" period this year. At the same time, it is also one of the category wind vanes of the whole cross-border import e-commerce

in this regard, Yu Simin believes that according to the attributes of cross-border online shopping users, young consumers, nursing fathers and mothers are the main consumers, "face" consumption and family consumption have become the mainstream of cross-border online shopping, and beauty personal care products and mother and baby products have naturally become consumption hotspots. (end)

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