Hunan: tariff guarantee insurance relieves financial pressure for foreign trade enterprises



tariff guarantee insurance eased the financial pressure for foreign trade enterprises

reduced the financial cost of enterprises by 30 million yuan in the first half of this year

Huasheng online July 8 (correspondent Wang Hui Chen is Hunan Daily Huasheng online reporter Zhou Yuegui) Changsha Customs announced today that 41 import and export enterprises have participated in the pilot of tariff guarantee insurance in our province. 811 insurance policies were completed in the first half of this year, with guarantee tax of 2.281 billion yuan, which can reduce the financial cost of enterprises by 30 million yuan. Tariff guarantee insurance not only ensures the national tax security, but also further improves the customs clearance efficiency and effectively reduces the burden of enterprise credit occupation

LUO Weizhi, the customs officer of Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., introduced that the company imports 11 million tons of iron ore and other raw materials every year, with a value of US $1 billion. Compared with the customs tax guarantee previously implemented in the form of cash deposit or bank guarantee, the Customs Tariff guarantee has the comparative advantages of low access threshold, low premium cost, fast Document Issuing and strong customs clearance timeliness, When an enterprise applies for an insurance policy, it can enjoy the customs clearance convenience of "first release and then tax payment" of imported goods at the customs. "Taking our enterprise as an example, we can save 10 million yuan of financial cost every year, which greatly reduces the occupation of funds."

according to the relevant person in charge of the customs office of Changsha Customs, enterprises with general credit rating and above can go through tax guarantee procedures with the Customs by virtue of the tariff guarantee insurance policy issued by the insurance company. Changsha Customs has also set up special personnel to handle the customs guarantee insurance business, and implemented contactless handling for the filing of Customs guarantee insurance, so as to realize the "instant transmission and filing" of electronic data of insurance policies

[source: Huasheng online]

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