Weihai "point-to-point" solution to the problem of resumption of work and production of foreign trade enterprises "one-to-one" delivery of all-round services



relieve the difficulties and emergencies of enterprises. Focusing on the difficulties faced by enterprises in the process of returning to work and production, Weihai City issued a series of support policies, which were effectively implemented with the strong promotion of various departments. With "warm-hearted services" delivered to the heart, Weihai enterprises are "sailing against the wind", going all out to hit new goals and strive for a "good start" in the first quarter</how can the factory reduce the loss due to the epidemic situation"does weihai city have any tax relief policies for enterprises donating war epidemic materials?"

in the wechat group of "Weihai epidemic response business legal service group" with 417 people, enterprises put forward demands on resumption of work and production every day. Zhang Xipeng, director of the trade development center of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, will carefully check each appeal and coordinate relevant departments within the group to solve it

<span bdsfid="66"class="bjh-p> at first, there were only four staff members and dozens of enterprises. Through our promotion on various platforms and mutual" Amway "among enterprises, there were nearly 400 enterprises in the group." Zhang Xipeng said that almost every day, new foreign trade enterprises join the group chat

why is a wechat group so "magical"? The answer given by Zhang Xipeng is very simple: "as long as enterprises ask questions, we can solve them at the first time or give solutions. Naturally, more and more enterprises need to resume work and production."

don't understand the resumption procedures, orders can't be delivered in time, and the expenses for overseas exhibitors can't be taken back... During the epidemic prevention and control period, most of the problems faced by enterprises returning to work and production have commonalities. When the problems are "broadcast" in the group, not only the questioners benefit, but also the enterprises with similar problems can refer to them

in order to meet the needs of more enterprises, the staff of the Municipal Bureau of commerce also brought in relevant departments such as the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the municipal Bureau of justice, Weihai customs, the Municipal Arbitration Commission and the Municipal Council for the promotion of international trade, as well as relevant principals of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, China Sinotrans Co., Ltd. In this way, the central coordination link of the Municipal Bureau of commerce can also be reduced, which can respond to the concerns of enterprises at the first time

<span bdsfid="74"class="bjh-p> after joining the group, the response of enterprises is generally good. We intend to continue to attract enterprises into the group and maintain the group for a long time, so that we can continue to serve enterprises even after the epidemic is over." Zhang Xipeng said with a smile that the significance of the establishment of this group is to create a foreign trade "toolkit" for the city's foreign trade enterprises to "deal with international risks and challenges and explore diversified international markets", so that the enterprises can "sail against the wind"

this "green channel" for foreign trade enterprises is only an epitome of Weihai's opening up of enterprise appeal channels. On the official website of the municipal government, Weihai has also opened a floating window of "enterprise appeal through train", which can timely accept the problems responded by enterprises through service telephone, e-mail and other forms. At present, through the strong promotion of various departments, Weihai will continue to enrich assistance measures, find out the difficulties of enterprises for the first time and help enterprises develop with high quality

resumption procedures "cloud processing"

corporate legal person of Weihai Yuxiang Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., member of Weihai customs registration and recommendation review team, aquatic products business expert of Qingdao Customs... On the big screen of Weihai customs conference room, Relevant staff members are "gathered together" and are carrying out the review of external registration and recommendation of export food production enterprises

"not only met the needs of epidemic prevention and control, but also handled the business in time." The relevant person in charge of Weihai Yuxiang Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. was overjoyed. "The foreign orders we talked about years ago intend to apply for external registration and start production after the year. I thought that the epidemic would affect the performance of the contract. Unexpectedly, after putting forward the demand to Weihai customs, the enterprise management department thought of such a good method for the first time."

this review link is the "only way" for the normal operation of export food production enterprises. In the past, on-site review was generally adopted. However, during the epidemic prevention and control period, Weihai customs decided to "handle special affairs": according to the business requirements of "no contact" and "less contact", during the epidemic prevention and control period, handle relevant businesses through electronic means as far as possible to reduce personnel contact

procedures "go to the cloud" and services "ground gas". In recent days, the "cloud handling" processes introduced by Weihai, such as online review of project application, on-site video verification and online publication of work results, have also been widely praised by relevant units, and Rongcheng Shipping Co., Ltd. is one of the beneficiaries

it is reported that the company's first oil tanker needs to obtain the temporary safety management certificate before it can sail, but due to the epidemic, the audit team cannot send someone to board the ship for on-site audit. In order to alleviate the "urgent need" of enterprises, Weihai Maritime Safety Administration decided to implement remote video audit on this round under the condition of "no reduction in standards"

after checking the relevant materials of the company in advance, interview the crew online, remotely check the maintenance of key parts of the ship, the operation instructions of various departments and the registration and filing... A new "cloud audit" was carried out efficiently. After verification, the temporary safety management certificate of the tanker was mailed out from Weihai maritime safety administration at 5 p.m. that day, giving the company a "reassurance"

<span bdsfid="93"class="bjh-p> as more crew members return to the ship, we will strengthen publicity and training on the remote self-service handling of crew members during the epidemic by sorting and making guidance videos, conducting online lectures, and unblocking 24-hour hotline consultation." The relevant person in charge of Weihai Maritime Safety Administration said

<sharing employees"to solve the difficulty of employment, local employees can't finish working overtime

facing the great difficulty of labor shortage, Zhang Wanyu, manager of Human Resources Department of Fuxi company, was worried. "We could only hope for new employees. Unexpectedly, the government issued a good policy and solved our problems with 'sharing employees'."

in the middle and late February, Fuxi agriculture and animal husbandry reached cooperation with Haitian Group, and 280 employees were transferred from Haitian Group and officially joined the front line of processing after training. During this period, the wages and social security expenses of employees are borne by Fuxi agriculture and animal husbandry, while Haitian Group provides certain work subsidies for employees. It not only effectively solved the problems of short-term staff shortage, production capacity reduction and economic losses in Fuxi during the epidemic period, but also greatly alleviated the cost pressure of human resource management of Haitian Group

<now, our output has returned to the normal level."zhang wanyu said that before the end of the epidemic, the two sides will maintain this"cross enterprise employment"mode for a long time until employees of both sides return to their posts one after another and front-line employees connect without obstacles

in order to further solve the problem of short-term employment of enterprises, Weihai city explores and implements a new model of "sharing employees", plans and coordinates relevant enterprises such as urgently needed employment, surplus employees and suspension of business affected by the epidemic, guides the docking and cooperation between the supply and demand sides, establishes an employee surplus and shortage adjustment mechanism, and effectively alleviates the employment pressure and difficulties of enterprises

<span bdsfid="108"class="bjh-p> in the" shared employee "mode, enterprises with surplus employees waiting for employment will send them to enterprises with employment needs through agreement and fixed-point output, so that employees who have passed health screening and quarantine can join the" shared "employment team, and then return to their original posts after the epidemic is over. In this way, it not only alleviates the labor cost of suspended enterprises, but also solves the difficulty of short-term employment shortage of resumed enterprises, and realizes the effective utilization of human resources

at the same time, Weihai City has also actively carried out online vocational skills training, improved the "Internet +" training mode, guided enterprise employees and all kinds of employment and entrepreneurship groups to participate in online theoretical training through the Internet and mobile terminals, so as to realize "no school, no training" and ensure that employees can meet relevant work requirements after taking up their posts, Help enterprises resume production and work and economic and social development

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