Amazon offers six benefits to help sellers dig gold in Japan




on March 20, e-commerce daily learned that in order to help sellers dig for gold in Japan, Amazon's global store opened yesterday and announced that it would provide sellers joining Amazon's website with a store opening gift package including six benefits

the Japanese station has joined the Amazon connection account plan. If the seller has opened stores in other Amazon sites, it only needs to bind the Japanese account to the existing account on the seller's platform without paying the monthly rent of a single station. The total monthly rent of multiple sites will be $39.99 in the next month

for sellers who have newly opened the advertising function in Japan, they can get a free amount of 5000 yen advertising, which is valid within 90 days. At the same time, fashion, consumer goods and other categories can enjoy Commission concessions, and the rate is falling

in addition, there are benefits such as a + page without brand registration, which can be enjoyed after entering the Japanese station, and 90 day free trial opportunity of Japanese customer service of new seller Amazon

according to the e-commerce daily, during the epidemic period, in order to help sellers deal with the epidemic as much as possible and restore production and operation in sufficient time, Amazon has also updated relevant policies and given relevant operation suggestions

in addition, Amazon's global store also opened an online live broadcast of "selling treasure and operation strategy", which is convenient for sellers to reasonably plan time for learning and improve operation skills during the epidemic period

source: e-commerce

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