"land assessment line" Hualong two rivers assessment: flying against the wind to accelerate the recovery, and the long-term improvement of foreign trade can be expected



under the COVID-19, Global trade has encountered a "cold wave". The recently released "semi annual report" of China's foreign trade has released valuable warmth from many aspects. According to the data released by the General Administration of customs, the total import and export value of China's goods trade in the first half of the year was 14.24 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.2%, 1.7 percentage points lower than that in the previous five months; In June, the growth rate of import and export achieved "positive" for the first time in the year. China's foreign trade is facing difficulties and flying against the wind

foreign trade is not only a barometer of a country's economic development, but also an embodiment of a country's comprehensive strength. Stabilizing the basic situation of foreign trade and foreign investment is not only the internal requirement to minimize the impact of the epidemic, but also the meaning of the task of implementing the "six stabilities" and striving to achieve the objectives of economic and social development throughout the year. It is of great significance to maintain the global trade order and stabilize the world economy. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the foreign trade industry has been affected to a certain extent. However, from the data of China's foreign trade in the first half of the year, the performance was better than expected and gradually stabilized on the whole. On the whole, the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade is short-term and phased. China's foreign trade has strong toughness and competitiveness, and the long-term development trend of foreign trade has not changed

government enterprise linkage "strengthens confidence" and stabilizes the basic market of foreign trade. Affected by the global epidemic, many foreign trade enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges because of the cancellation of a large number of orders, the serious backlog of product inventory and the increase of logistics costs. On the one hand, most foreign trade enterprises did not wait to die, but actively "save themselves" and find vitality in the crisis. Especially with the continuous promotion of resumption of work and production, Chinese foreign trade enterprises have changed from "hard scalp" to "riveting full strength". On the other hand, in order to help enterprises extricate themselves from difficulties, since this year, China has successively launched practical measures in increasing foreign trade credit, increasing export credit insurance support, improving the export tax rebate policy and supporting the transfer of exports to domestic sales, and spared no effort to support foreign trade enterprises to ensure the market and orders. The data can support it. Customs statistics show that China's foreign trade import and export reached 7.67 trillion yuan in the second quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 0.2%, significantly narrowed from the 6.4% decline in the first quarter. Throughout the first half of the year, as the largest business entity of foreign trade, the import and export of private enterprises was 6.42 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.9%, accounting for 45.1% of China's total foreign trade, an increase of 3.5 percentage points over the same period last year

tap potential and increase efficiency "promote transformation" and cultivate new forms of foreign trade. In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has become a "top student" in China's new foreign trade business. Under the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has become a "light cavalry" to stabilize foreign trade with its advantages of online trading, non-contact delivery and short transaction chain. In recent years, comprehensive foreign trade services, cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and trade methods have developed rapidly. This year, the Ministry of Commerce accelerated the promotion of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, expanding from 59 to 105. On June 13, the General Administration of customs decided to carry out a pilot of cross-border e-commerce enterprise to enterprise export supervision in the customs of 10 regions. All these have accelerated the emergence of new business forms and models, creating a new situation in the development of foreign trade. According to customs statistics, in the first half of this year, the import and export of the customs cross-border e-commerce supervision platform increased by 26.2%, of which the export increased by 28.7% and the import increased by 24.4%, much higher than the overall growth rate of foreign trade. On the whole, China's competitive advantages in foreign trade exist objectively. New modes of new forms of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade will maintain a vigorous development trend. Under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control, if we continue to tap the development potential of new forms of foreign trade, we can play a greater role in stabilizing foreign trade

the diversified market "has enough strength" to stimulate the new vitality of foreign trade. Over the past six years since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, China and relevant countries have adhered to the principle of joint discussion, joint construction and sharing, continued to deepen practical cooperation, and promoted the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" to move forward in the direction of high-quality development, and achieved remarkable results. From the perspective of foreign trade market, the market potential of the "the Belt and Road" has been continuously tapped, and foreign trade partners have become increasingly diversified, which has played an important supporting role in stabilizing China's basic foreign trade. Among them, the most eye-catching performance is ASEAN countries. In the first half of this year, the total value of imports and exports between China and ASEAN was 2.09 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%, accounting for 14.7% of China's total foreign trade, of which exports were 1.15 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.4%; Imports reached 938.57 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%. In the first half of this year, ASEAN replaced the EU as China's largest trading partner. The reason is that the overall epidemic prevention and control situation in the ASEAN region is relatively good, and in recent years, the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN has continued to deepen, the industrial chain has been more closely integrated, and the bilateral trade has increased steadily. At the current time of the spread of COVID-19, the market potential along the "the Belt and Road" represented by ASEAN countries has been continuously released, which has become a new driving force for the development of China's foreign trade

move forward steadily without fear of challenges. From a comprehensive, dialectical and long-term perspective, the impact of the epidemic on China's economy is temporary. China's economy has strong resilience, broad domestic demand space and strong industrial foundation. The fundamentals of China's long-term economic improvement have not changed. Looking forward to the future, although China's foreign trade faces many challenges, there are also many opportunities. On the whole, opportunities outweigh challenges. As long as we strive to turn pressure into power and be good at turning danger into opportunity, the long-term positive trend of foreign trade and foreign investment will not change. We have the foundation, conditions and confidence to maintain the development momentum of stable, medium and quality improvement

Author: Lin CuO

source: hualong.com - New Chongqing client

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