how to use YouTube for foreign trade marketing

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the main counterparts of foreign trade enterprises are overseas customers, so they need to do a good job in marketing in the process of operation. There are great differences between domestic marketing and foreign marketing. In the process of publicity for overseas customers, foreign trade companies first need to choose the appropriate publicity platform. In addition to mass mailing, you should also choose more visual ways. At present, YouTube is a more reliable way. This platform mainly publishes short videos. Relevant personnel must master skills in the process of application. Only in this way can they increase the number of views and achieve the purpose of publicity

1 proficient in using various tools

to publish short videos on YouTube to promote their products, foreign trade companies first need to choose an agent tool, otherwise they can't log in smoothly. Secondly, the staff also need to carefully choose the browser, which will be directly related to the upload speed of subsequent videos. Most of the videos uploaded on YouTube are of Blu ray image quality, so the video memory is large. If the selected upload tool cannot meet the demand, it will lead to problems in subsequent video viewing. Therefore, if foreign trade companies want to use YouTube for publicity, they need to make preparations in advance, such as selecting appropriate upload tools, mastering the use skills of video editing tools and paying attention to transcoding tools. Only when all these works are completed can the video be uploaded smoothly

2 production of title and content, The customer doesn't know what the theme of this video is. The selection of the title will directly affect the number of clicks, so we must ensure that the title is concise and clear. Only when users click on youtube, the most important part of the description will be displayed in the front of the video. Therefore, only when users click on youtube, can they continue to see the most interesting part of the description. Only when users click on youtube, can they continue to see the most important part of the description. Finally, when uploading a video, you need to set a label, which is mainly used for video. The importance of video is self-evident. YouTube is well-known abroad, and there are many registered users. Because the video marketing method is more vivid and direct than email, users can have a deeper understanding of the product, so customers will like it more. If foreign trade companies can master the above skills and use YouTube for publicity, it will be of great help for them to open up foreign markets

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