which cross-border e-commerce platform is better, Amazon or shopee

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at present, the cross-border e-commerce industry is very hot, and there are many cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, shopee, eBay, lazada, wish, etc, Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, let's talk about Amazon and Shope

which of amazon and shope is the best cross-border e-commerce platform

first of all, let's talk about the market targeted by the two platforms:

although Amazon is said to be a global store, it should pay attention to the European station, North America station and Japan station. These sites and other sites have just been established for about a year and are not very stable,

shopee is mainly aimed at the Southeast Asian market. At present, there are seven major stations: Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. Compared with Taiwan station, it is easier to do. Because the language is similar, the first station can open Taiwan Station

platform mode

Amazon has two modes: FBA and FBM. FBA is a boutique mode. First, a large number of goods need to be stored and delivered to Amazon's overseas warehouse, which is officially distributed and delivered by Amazon. The advantage is that the logistics cost is low and the timeliness is relatively fast. The disadvantage is that the goods need to be stored and have great requirements on capital. Secondly, it must ensure that the goods stored can be sold, and if they can't be sold, they will lose money. (novice Xiaobai doesn't recommend directly doing FBA)

shopee also has two modes, boutique and distribution. The profit of shopee is not as high as that of Amazon. However, shopee takes the order quantity. Unlike Amazon, Amazon takes the customer unit price and may issue several orders a day, but the customer unit price is high

the store registration conditions of the two platforms

Amazon: business license, dual currency credit card, mobile phone number, email ID card

shopee: business license, screenshot of order flow or capital flow of stores in recent three months (any store can be, such as pinduoduo, Taobao, JD, Amazon, etc.), QQ number

at present, these two platforms are very good choices, The final choice of which platform is up to you

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