Hangzhou frequently offers new recruitment, focusing on social training of cross-border e-commerce talents




the daily business daily has achieved 100 orders per sunrise within less than a month of operation on Amazon platform. This is the transcript handed over by the "Dang Ge" (online name) of cross-border e-commerce practitioners. "Dangge" is engaged in the IT industry. When he wanted to be a cross-border e-commerce, without the support of product supply chain, he chose to participate in the "Amazon devil training camp" organized by Fenghuo, one of the top ten cross-border e-commerce talent social training bases in Hangzhou. After two months of training and learning, it was officially put into operation, mainly engaged in personal health care category, with an average daily sales of more than 2000 US dollars

this is an epitome of the socialization training of cross-border e-commerce talents in Hangzhou. The social training of cross-border e-commerce talents is also a key link for Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone to extend the talent cultivation chain, integrate social resources and pay close attention to the joint education of "government, enterprise, school and society"

"the implementation opinions of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development of cross-border e-commerce" clearly points out that professional training in cross-border e-commerce is encouraged. Support social training institutions recognized by the municipal comprehensive pilot office of cross-border e-commerce to set up cross-border e-commerce skills training projects, and cooperate with cross-border e-commerce competent departments of all districts and counties (cities) to carry out cross-border e-commerce professional training for enterprise employees

online and offline integrated training methods

help zero start students reap practical results

since the brand upgrade in August 2019, Fenghuo cross border has been focusing on the Amazon platform generation operation and talent incubation of cross-border e-commerce industry, Theory + practice helps factories and enterprises drive into the fast lane of development with the help of cross-border e-commerce. Fenghuo cross border is one of the influential Amazon service brands in East China

affected by the epidemic, the cross-border pace of maple fire stopped in the first half of this year. After entering the second half of the year, it held cross-border conferences with the themes of "big sales leading", "building growth" and "winning smart manufacturing" on August 1, October 27 and November 19 respectively, and effectively reached more than 3000 cross-border e-commerce sellers offline. The conference deeply discussed the new opportunities and challenges brought by cross-border e-commerce for global value chain cooperation in the global trade reform, and built a cross-border e-commerce industrial chain and ecosystem from the multidimensional perspectives of thinking framework, theory and practice, so as to help sellers quickly straighten out Amazon's thinking logic, improve operation skills, help factories of traditional foreign trade enterprises and domestic e-commerce sellers transform cross-border e-commerce, and realize brand going to sea

courses such as Amazon basic logic framework and practice, Amazon hot money creation, Amazon CPC special training, product director special training camp and Amazon coaching devil training camp independently developed by Fenghuo cross-border realize the integration of online and offline, from zero basic introduction to high-level operation, from theory to practice, and help students get more improvement in a short time. It is reported that Fenghuo has cultivated more than 5000 cross-border e-commerce sellers and reached more than 40000 sellers online

flexible customization of training courses

these training bases have their own characteristics

like Fenghuo cross border, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce training bases such as iseno and tuoxun also make full use of digital tools to develop online special courses, Or give lectures in the form of live broadcast. On February 20 this year, Jiande Park of Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone ushered in the "first lesson" of the seventh Amazon basic class incubation training. During this training, the offline classroom was moved into the online live studio. 18 people from 10 enterprises participated in the training for more than one month, and many students achieved good results during the training. Meitaier textile sold nearly 160000 yuan during the training, and Mamu hardware products climbed to the first place in the new best-selling list within 20 days. In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, the training base, on the one hand, carried out online courses, on the other hand, strengthened offline service functions and maintained full communication with students, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort

more training bases adjust the course structure, direction and content in time. For example, Saike launched a series of courses on overseas epidemic prevention products for sellers of Alibaba international station to help enterprises timely understand the procedures related to the export of epidemic prevention materials, guide enterprises to increase production capacity on the basis of meeting the needs of the domestic market, and promote the "going out" of epidemic prevention materials. In more than a month, isano held 9 online live broadcasts with the theme of Shopify, opened 20 class hours of high-quality courses and produced transformation manuals to better help platform sellers transform independent stations. Fenglan has carried out hierarchical talent training and set up systematic courses on different topics for college students, novice sellers and medium and high-end management talents

do a good job in the "new talent infrastructure" and improve the talent cultivation ecosystem

the Alibaba global digital talent and cross-border e-commerce base just unveiled at the fifth global cross-border e-commerce summit is another innovative measure for the social training of talents in Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, It aims to create a new model of "international talents serving China's foreign trade export enterprises"

Gong yongmou, academic committee of Alibaba economy, said that with the development of digital economy, brands can directly contact end customers in one step. On this premise, there will be many brands in China in the future, which are "natural" global brands and Internet manufacturing. Such a trend benefits from the vigorous development of digital economy in China

in this context, the difficulties and challenges faced by "digitization" come from talents. Alibaba's Academic Committee for economies initiated the establishment of the global digital talent alliance, hoping to promote global digital transformation and inclusive development through education of talents, and cultivate 10 million digital economy talents for the world in 2036

the cross-border e-trade Festival launched in mid June this year, with the theme of "one hundred networks, ten thousand enterprises, and global sales of goods", has clearly cultivated more than 150 cross-border e-commerce major sellers of more than US $10million, trained more than 50000 cross-border e-commerce talents, linked more than 100 cities in the comprehensive pilot zone to jointly build a new digital silk road and share trillions of "the Belt and Road" emerging markets

Wu Changhong, director of the outreach department and first-class researcher of the municipal comprehensive trial Office of cross-border e-commerce, said that social training forces, including the training base, are participants in the training of cross-border e-commerce talents in Hangzhou, promoters of brands going to sea and promoters of Hangzhou comprehensive trial zone. From the perspective of socialized training, training bases and related enterprises should not only do fine and excellent courses in combination with social needs and industry difficulties, but also focus on expanding the international vision of talents. This year, the comprehensive pilot office also fully integrated the resources of overseas students and held the global digital economy innovation and Entrepreneurship challenge, so as to further give full play to the role of China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce college in educating and attracting talents

in order to speed up the construction of cross-border e-commerce talents, Hangzhou innovates and completes the work of "new talent infrastructure", cooperates with the National Engineering Laboratory of e-commerce transaction technology of Tsinghua University to build a cross-border e-commerce international talent port, which is guided by talent demand, supported by talent training standards and based on the platform of talent big data center, Cooperate with colleges and universities in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road" to jointly build and share a comprehensive incubation base with international standards for talent training, training and practical training; Jointly build China (Hangzhou) global cross-border e-commerce knowledge service center with Yibang power network

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