the perfect closing ceremony of payoneer Shenzhen forum, a cross-border e-commerce event




on August 24, 2017, payoneer Shenzhen forum was held in Oct Intercontinental Hotel, attracting well-known platforms, service providers and cross-border e-commerce in the industry to talk about cross-border e-commerce events

the perfect closing ceremony of payoneer shenzhen forum

payoneer paianying, a cross-border fund distribution company founded in New York, provides cross-border collection solutions for cross-border e-commerce and freelancers in China. Since 2015, payoneer has held forums in Shenzhen for three consecutive years to bring the latest business information and cutting-edge topics to cross-border e-commerce sellers and connect with the top resources in the industry. This year, payoneer forum has followed the tradition of high-level guest lineup in the past and attended the super forum of overseas B2C platforms There are more than 20, covering North America, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, including Amazon, wish, lazada, tophatter, shopee and LiNiO, as well as Joom, oberlo, mysale, paytm and other new overseas platforms for sellers

the perfect closing ceremony of payoneer shenzhen forum

for sellers at different stages and needs, this payoner forum is divided into three sub venues to break through the difficulties, doubts and pain points: focusing on the topics of operation, selection, drainage and optimization of novice sellers, continuous dry goods; expert guidance on the compliance, rights protection, management and other issues of mature buyers; fierce discussion on the transformation and brand improvement of factory sellers.

cross border e-commerce event payoneer shenzhen forum perfect curtain call

in his opening speech, Zhao qiuchengzhi, general manager of payoneer Greater China, said that payoneer has always been determined to provide localized services for Chinese sellers. On this basis, he announced payoneer's plan for the second half of the year, including the upcoming opening of Canadian and Australian dollar collection services for cross-border e-commerce and the further upgrading of advance lending services, so that funds can collude with resources in the industry to provide cross-border e-commerce with services beyond expectations.

the perfect closing ceremony of payoneer shenzhen forum

this year, payoneer has held payoneer forums in Qingdao and Xiamen, and the last forum activity of this year will be held in Yiwu. This year's forum takes" Yingling e-commerce smart payment future"as the theme, and its main purpose is to bring ideas upgrading to cross-border e-commerce, widely connect cross-border e-commerce resources at home and abroad, and use money flow to drive business flow.

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