what are the benefits of corporate email? How do foreign trade enterprises choose mailbox? What are the corporate email offers




corporate email has strong security and privacy. At the same time, it can customize the domain name exclusive to the enterprise. Another feature is that it is convenient for the unified management of the employees of the company. The background is very powerful and suitable for large enterprises. Therefore, the company will open Netease, Tom and Tencent corporate email. Tom enterprise mailbox double 12 40% discount activity can also be applied now. In addition to high cost performance, what are the benefits of enterprise mailbox

easy to use corporate email

even if you are not next to the computer, you can bind "follow your heart mail" to send and receive email through wechat. All received emails can be replied, collected separately, directly shared with wechat friends, as well as reporting, email withdrawal Combined with the enterprise's OA office and other functions, it is faster to send and receive e-mail than the e-mail client, and the new e-mail will give priority to reminding

what are the benefits of enterprise mailbox? how do foreign trade enterprises choose mailbox? what are the benefits of enterprise mailbox

the performance of the company's corporate mailbox is stable

foreign trade companies have a high demand for this. First, overseas servers are available to ensure normal sending and receiving and speed. Second, the capacity should be large. Tom mailbox has unlimited capacity, which can fully meet the demand. In addition, the upper limit of single release of ordinary mailbox is very low, and the charging mailbox can reach hundreds of emails at a time, so that even for a large project, there is no need to worry about delayed communication.

enterprise mailbox products and services

enterprise mailbox is aimed at enterprise office use, providing simple business page experience and SSL encrypted transmission to ensure the security of e-mail sending and receiving. In addition, in order to meet the needs of major enterprise cultural publicity, independent login page, logo setting, enterprise color customization selection, etc. can be customized.

what are the benefits of corporate email? how do foreign trade enterprises choose mailbox? what are the corporate email offers

the above is about how to choose the mailbox of foreign trade enterprises. If you have knowledge about the use of the mailbox, you can contact me at any time ~

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