the pilot of cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision of Jinan Qingdao Customs was launched, and enterprises can enjoy convenient customs clearance



Shandong cross-border e-commerce began to "sell the world" on a large scale

at about 0:00 on September 1, enterprises in Qingdao area of Shandong pilot Free Trade Zone completed the first batch of cross-border e-commerce enterprise to enterprise export business in Shandong (hereinafter referred to as "cross-border e-commerce B2B export"). Under the supervision of Huangdao customs under Qingdao Customs, a batch of export tapes and sealers of Qingdao United Hengtong International Trade Co., Ltd., as well as golf clubs, T-Shirts, cartons and other goods of filst International Trade Co., Ltd., were cleared at the cross-border e-commerce supervision center of China Merchants in Qingdao Qianwan free trade port area. At 0:01:25 a.m., the beauty products declared by Shandong xingyitang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the form of cross-border e-commerce B2B export successfully cleared the customs

it is reported that cross-border e-commerce B2B export refers to the trade form in which domestic enterprises transport goods to overseas enterprises or overseas warehouses through cross-border logistics and complete transactions through cross-border e-commerce platforms. It is divided into two modes: direct export from cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enterprises and export to overseas warehouses. In order to further improve the work of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", the General Administration of customs decided to increase 12 customs directly under Qingdao and Jinan to carry out the pilot of cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision, which will be officially implemented from September 1. Shandong cross-border e-commerce has stepped into the era of large-scale "selling the world" from personal overseas shopping and commercial retail

in the early morning of that day, many places in the province completed the first batch of cross-border e-commerce B2B export business. In Linyi, the stationery, hardware, clothing and other export commodities of six local enterprises have completed customs clearance in Linyi cross-border e-commerce supervision center and will be sent to overseas warehouses in Germany and Hungary, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and other places respectively; In Heze, 123 sofas declared for export by Shandong Lugang cross border e-commerce Co., Ltd. were quickly cleared under customs supervision; In Yantai, a batch of clothes and small household appliances worth 138000 yuan were released under customs supervision and sent to Japan and South Korea

the pilot of cross-border e-commerce B2B export supervision is to help enterprises further reduce customs clearance costs and improve customs clearance efficiency. It is reported that the B2B export of cross-border e-commerce has obvious policy advantages. For the export goods that originally required 10 tax numbers when declared, the declaration of enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone can be simplified to 6. The customs can give priority to the inspection of them. The goods exported to overseas warehouses can be returned duty-free within one year. In addition, other customs clearance modes such as customs clearance integration can be superimposed to further amplify the effect of reform

statistics show that as of 12:00 on September 1, 10 customs sites under the jurisdiction of Qingdao customs have carried out cross-border e-commerce B2B export business, and 40 enterprises have participated in the pilot. A total of 110 release lists have been declared, with a value of 4.45 million yuan, covering furniture, sporting goods, clothing, shoes and bags, wigs, small household appliances, daily necessities There are 17 categories of commodities in Shandong's traditional export industries such as mechanical equipment and packaging materials, and the destinations include Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other export countries and regions. On the first day of the pilot, the value of cross-border e-commerce B2B exports supervised by Jinan customs reached 1030200 yuan

<we will make good use of this policy and strive to be an offshore warehouse."zhang zhimou, general manager of filst international trade company, said that the first batch of cross-border e-commerce b2b export goods of the company were cartons with a total value of less than 5000 yuan, which were directly declared in the form of list. compared with before, it not only reduced the customs clearance cost, but also improved the customs clearance efficiency

<span bdsfid="73"class="bjh-p> the new model simplifies the declaration process, improves the customs clearance efficiency, innovates the return mode, reduces the enterprise operation cost, is more competitive in the overseas market, and is conducive to our commodity export." Said Xie Chang, manager of Shandong Lugang cross border e-commerce Co., Ltd

Xu Lixiang, general manager of Jinan Weixi International Trade Co., Ltd., said that in the past, goods exported to overseas enterprises through cross-border e-commerce trading platform can only be declared according to general trade, and the actual export scale of cross-border e-commerce is difficult to be reflected through statistical data, so it is impossible to obtain preferential policies from customs, taxation and other departments. After the pilot launch, cross-border e-commerce enterprises have a separate regulatory method and statistical caliber, and relevant departments can tailor more preferential measures for them

Yang Luquan, director of the Port Supervision Department of Jinan customs, said that pilot enterprises can enjoy preferential measures such as paperless customs clearance throughout the process, increasing convenient declaration channels, simplifying declaration in the comprehensive test area, facilitating return and giving priority to inspection through "one-time registration" and "one-point docking"

the business to business model is a new model in the new business form of cross-border e-commerce, which is in line with the actual operation of foreign trade enterprises under the current situation. " Wang Bin, director of the postal supervision division of Qingdao Customs, said that the implementation of this model will provide a new convenient customs clearance channel for traditional advantageous industries such as clothing, furniture, straw and willow weaving, wigs and labor protection products, and help enterprises expand exports by using "Internet +" to provide a new platform and inject new momentum into foreign trade

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