foreign trade SOHO can promote google sem without looking for Google ads professionals




google sem promotion doesn't need professionals at all. Can I add keywords and do Google promotion advertising myself? I believe many people who do SEM promotion by SOHO will think so

What are the functions of Google ads account structure

the so-called google sem account structure is simply the hierarchical setting of google sem promotion account. A healthy SEM account structure will not only make your subsequent promotion easier, but also make your advertising more targeted and help you quickly adjust the focus and time of promotion, And adjust the bid, keywords, delivery region, etc

this does not mean that you cannot promote products without building a healthy SEM account structure. Google does not give rankings, it means that a good SEM account structure will reflect your account advantages in many details

foreign trade soho can promote google sem by itself without looking for google ads professionals

Google ads account structure

II. What does the Google ads account structure contain?

users will conduct a lot of searches at the query entry of the search engine in the demand generation stage, search product stage, inquiry comparison stage and decision-making purchase stage. Therefore, the high-quality SEM account structure should have overseas promotion plans for these stages and adjust them according to the company's overseas advertising strategy.

so what does a healthy google sem account structure include?

according to the introduction of Google's official training course, the high-quality SEM account structure has four layers: account, advertising series, advertising group, keyword and advertising copy.

google sem promotion looks easy, but it still needs a lot of skills and expertise when it is really operated. this is one of the factors why many enterprises complain that the effect is not satisfactory.

the above is the analysis of Yigu studio today.

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