how does LinkedIn find customers? Foreign trade business guide

出海易/ 2022-05-10

both foreign trade salesmen who have been working in the foreign trade circle for many years and novices who have just entered the foreign trade circle are inseparable from the job requirements of finding customers. Although there are a large number of people engaged in international foreign trade, the customer resources are still limited, which leads to a customer being scrambled by many foreign trade salesmen. Usually, our foreign trade salesmen find customers through various social platforms, but there are different customer finding skills on different platforms. This article will introduce how Lingying software can find customers

I. how can foreign traders use LinkedIn correctly

LinkedIn is a platform that focuses on providing social networking for professionals. Most active users on this platform are related to the workplace, and the main content of social networking is also related to the workplace. This means that if our foreign trade people look for customers through Lingying, as long as the search method is correct, the customers they find are resources with high matching degree, and they can easily get orders. At present, LinkedIn, a social platform, has more than 300 million full members. It is not only loved by many professionals abroad, but also gradually used by many people in China. On LinkedIn, companies can post recruitment information, and job seekers can apply on the platform. On the other hand, many foreign trade customers will publish their procurement information on the platform, so that foreign traders can find corresponding customers through these procurement information

although the platform management of LinkedIn is relatively loose, many foreign trade newcomers will still find the seal number of the platform when they first register LinkedIn. If our foreign trade accounts are frequently blocked by LinkedIn, Then it will affect the security and weight of the account. Therefore, foreign traders should also pay attention to some basic rules that are not banned by the UK. First of all, when our foreign traders just registered with LinkedIn, they may be eager to add contacts, resulting in adding too many people at one time when registering an account. In this way, the system will directly determine that our LinkedIn account is a robot, or there is a potential security risk, and freeze our account. Secondly, when registering the LinkedIn account, we foreign traders should improve our personal information as much as possible, because we are looking for customers on LinkedIn. The more perfect our information is, the more conducive it is for customers to find us or make customers trust us more. When adding friends to LinkedIn, both sides can see each other's information, so foreign traders must pay attention to fill in the information carefully. In addition, the information can also be used to decide whether to allow customers to add to our network

II. Foreign traders look for customers through the keyword search box

when selecting products, our foreign traders usually use the search boxes of major websites to search for current popular products. Then we can also search the customers we want to add through keywords on LinkedIn's social platform, If we are people in the foreign trade industry, then we can add two keywords of foreign trade to the search box, and then search for people related to foreign trade. If foreign traders also want to find more matching customers, they can also add the name of the products they sell to directly search for customers who need products

III. foreign traders can directly find customers through the name of the other company

finding customers through the company name allows us to collect all LinkedIn contacts in the company, so that we can use this platform to add employees to the company, and then promote our cooperation. Some foreign traders may not even know the company name, which requires us to pay more attention to the customer's company name in ordinary trade fairs or private social activities. These are important resources that need to be accumulated step by step

the above is the full introduction of how foreign traders develop customers in LinkedIn, hoping to help those who want to develop customers or lack customer resources

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