Guangxi Pingxiang's foreign trade rose against the trend, and the import and export volume increased by 3.1% in 2020



according to the statistics released by Pingxiang Customs on the 28th, the total import and export value of Guangxi Pingxiang in 2020 was 128.92 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 3.1% over the previous year, accounting for 69.9% of the total foreign trade value of Chongzuo. Among them, the export was 71.77 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%; Imports reached 57.15 billion yuan, an increase of 1.7%

according to the introduction of the customs, Pingxiang's foreign trade in 2020 mainly presents five characteristics:

bonded logistics is the main way, with an obvious increase. In 2020, the total import and export of Pingxiang City was 71.14 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5%, accounting for 55.2% of the total import and export value of Pingxiang City in the same period; Over the same period, the import and export of small border trade and general trade in Pingxiang City were 35.14 billion yuan and 9.35 billion yuan respectively, down 10.8% and 31.5% respectively

ASEAN is still the largest trading partner of Pingxiang City. In 2020, Pingxiang's import and export to Vietnam reached 69.02 billion yuan, down 1%; The import and export to Thailand reached 33.61 billion yuan, an increase of 25.8%

mainly road transportation, with rapid growth of railway transportation. In 2020, the import and export of Pingxiang by road transportation reached 112.87 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4%; The import and export of railway transportation amounted to 720 million yuan, an increase of 121.7%

in terms of export, mechanical and electrical products maintained growth, while agricultural products decreased significantly. The annual export of mechanical and electrical products was 44.56 billion yuan, an increase of 16.8%; The export of agricultural products was 6.12 billion yuan, down 21.9%

major imported commodities maintained a good growth trend. In the whole year, the import of mechanical and electrical products was 37.36 billion yuan, an increase of 4%; The import of agricultural products was 7.77 billion yuan, an increase of 8%, of which the import of fresh and dry fruits and nuts was 7.15 billion yuan, an increase of 5.9%

the customs here said that in 2020, Pingxiang City will take a number of customs clearance facilitation measures to help foreign trade enterprises resume work and production, promote the rapid development of China EU trains, and Pingxiang City has sufficient foreign trade toughness to achieve steady growth throughout the year. It is expected that with the further promotion of the construction of Guangxi pilot Free Trade Zone, Pingxiang's foreign trade will continue to maintain a long-term positive development trend

[source: China News Network]

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