Hainan free trade port seeks new business opportunities for cross-border e-commerce enterprises with "new power"



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original title: Hainan free trade port seeks "new business opportunities" for cross-border e-commerce enterprises that note "new power"

(economic observation) Hainan free trade port seeks "new business opportunities" for cross-border e-commerce enterprises

China News Agency, Haikou, July 20 (reporter Wang Ziqian) - Hainan free trade port focuses on promoting trade liberalization and facilitation, and cross-border e-commerce has obtained a "new driving force" for the development of foreign trade

Hainan's cross-border e-commerce industry has a weak foundation, but the growth trend is obvious. Haikou Customs recently disclosed that in the first half of the year, the customs supervised and released 330000 bonded import declaration lists of cross-border e-commerce online shopping, a year-on-year increase of 8.5 times. 91000 orders were completed in June alone, an increase of 30 times over the same period of the previous year. By the end of June, there were more than 100 cross-border e-commerce enterprises registered with the customs in Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, an increase of nearly 50% over the end of 2019

"the release of the overall plan for the construction of Hainan free trade port has a great role in promoting." Li Jiachen, the fourth level host of Macun port customs office under Haikou customs, said that at present, Hainan only substantively carries out cross-border e-commerce business in Haikou comprehensive bonded zone. With the detailed implementation of the free trade port policy, cross-border e-commerce will usher in more development opportunities

the core policies of Hainan free trade port can directly benefit cross-border e-commerce enterprises. The free and convenient trade policy and the "zero tariff" and "front-line" liberalization policies not only enable e-commerce enterprises to broaden the goods preparation channels, but also improve the profit space

in the cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park of Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the staff of Hainan luhaigang cross border E-commerce Service Co., Ltd. are repacking imported pet food. Enterprise manager Chen Xiangyun said that the construction of Hainan free trade port will improve the convenience of customs clearance, storage and transportation. Enterprises will use CC (personal mail), BC (overseas direct mail) and BBC (bonded goods preparation) to expand their business scope to cosmetics, health products, clothing, shoes and hats

for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, port logistics convenience and customs clearance efficiency are the key factors. At present, Haikou customs has launched a number of customs clearance facilitation measures, such as "first entering the zone and then testing" of cross-border e-commerce commodities, and "one-stop processing" of cross-border package customs clearance

Hainan Yangpu Bonded Port Area took the lead in trying out the goods entry and exit management system of "first-line release and second-line control". Duan Jiyuan, deputy director of the Development Bureau of Yangpu Bonded Port Area, said in an interview that supply chain enterprises in the area will enter and leave freely, flow freely and trade freely. The advantages of system, convenient shipping and the advantages of land cost and labor price will make the storage cost of bonded port area far lower than that of other regions

ZhuoZhi group, a cross-border industrial service provider, plans to launch cross-border e-commerce in Yangpu in conjunction with JD international and other platforms. Chen Zesheng, marketing director of ZhuoZhi group, said that enterprises are optimistic about Hainan's policy expectations on trade settlement, customs clearance convenience and investment support. They plan to introduce cross-border electric goods such as cosmetics and health food. At the same time, they expect Hainan to achieve regulatory innovation in characteristic categories such as pharmaceutical e-commerce

Lin Haiyun, head of e-commerce Department of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, said in an interview that with the help of a single window of international trade, Hainan will realize the mutual conversion of three channels: outlying island duty-free, local duty-free and cross-border e-commerce. After the closure of the whole island of Hainan, cross-border e-commerce may coexist in two forms: one is 9610 (e-commerce) and 1210 (bonded e-commerce), and the other is the cross-border e-commerce C2C direct mail. "At that time, there may be the possibility of transferring overseas bonded warehouses from overseas areas to Hainan."

experts said that Hainan is close to Southeast Asia and has unique advantages in developing cross-border e-commerce. Liu Xiaowen, vice president of the school of information science and technology of Hainan Normal University, said that Hainan can make use of the work, residence and investment facilitation policies of foreign talents to focus on the development of cross-border e-commerce export business facing ASEAN. Duan Jiyuan also said that Hainan can be positioned as a core distribution warehouse and a transfer point radiating Southeast Asia

at present, Hainan is accelerating to make up for the shortcomings of industrial facilities. In Yangpu Bonded Port Area, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone has a logistics storage area of 11900 square meters, and the new overseas warehouse project has been started recently. In Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the cross-border e-commerce goods preparation logistics distribution center with a construction area of 22600 square meters is expected to be delivered and used within the year, with various functions required by the cross-border e-commerce bonded goods preparation mode

Chen Shun, deputy secretary of the working committee of Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, said that the park will focus on exploring how to realize "first-line liberalization and second-line control" and the system integration and innovation of cross-border e-commerce industry in exchange, login to the external network, delivery and after-sales. (end)

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