how is the "cross border e-commerce development highland" built?



today, the third global cross-border e-commerce conference was held, and the eyes of global cross-border e-commerce practitioners and researchers focused on Zhengzhou

at such a special moment, we review the special overall plan for major reform of the construction of China (Henan) pilot free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the plan) and the "regulatory service system" in the five special plans issued by Henan provincial government in November 2017. The plan clearly proposes that Henan pilot free trade zone should build a "highland for cross-border e-commerce development". On the second anniversary of the listing of Henan pilot Free Trade Zone, we try to sort out, check and compare to see what step the requirements in the construction plan have been implemented, and what reforms, innovations and breakthroughs have been made

in general, the three major objectives proposed by our province in the plan for building a highland for the development of cross-border e-commerce are "Innovating the comprehensive supervision mode of cross-border e-commerce", "promoting the balanced development of cross-border e-commerce" and "studying and establishing the international standard and rule system of cross-border e-commerce". The first part has been basically realized, and the second part of establishing a replicable promotion mode has also been basically realized. At the same time, in the exploration and formulation of supervision mode and standard rule system, some innovations are leading in the country

the integrated declaration rate has increased to 80%

with the deep integration of customs inspection business, the dividends after institutional reform have been released continuously

the statistical data of Zhengzhou Customs show that there are 124 streamlined cargo declaration items in Henan, the integrated declaration rate has increased to 80%, the peak value of the operating system in a single day has reached 3.24 million, the data processing capacity per minute has increased from 30 to 1600, and the time of vehicle entry and exit cards has been reduced by 60%

on the principle of safety bottom line, the regulatory authorities firmly grasp the overall goal of "access safety, quality safety and industrial safety", strictly prohibit the import of goods in epidemic areas, strictly investigate the goods with major quality and safety risks, strictly abide by the quarantine bottom line, and constantly improve the diversified and three-dimensional quality and safety risk prevention and control system dominated by customs, e-commerce enterprises and consumers, Build a strong risk defense line, create a transparent, fair, convenient and efficient business environment, and promote the healthy and sound development of cross-border e-commerce industry

the plan clearly proposes to realize the balanced development of cross-border e-commerce. While the import products of cross-border e-commerce maintain high growth, through the "online Silk Road", our province is also actively expanding the overseas market of "made in Henan". Support Henan characteristic agricultural products and handicrafts to enter the international market through e-commerce, form an inland e-commerce commodity import and export base, and promote the balanced development of cross-border e-commerce import and export

last April, Zhengzhou cross-border trade e-commerce (e-trade for short) Export charter flight successfully made its first flight, marking the official opening of the "Zhengzhou Chicago" international mail charter line. The freight charter plane is fully leased by zhongdamen International Logistics Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EHL), a subsidiary of Henan bonded group, carrying more than 93 tons of cross-border e-commerce export goods. This also means that the "one stop at home" service mode of "export cross-border e-commerce + overseas bonded warehouse + postal clearance + after-sales service guarantee" fully built by Henan bonded has gone to the world, Opened the "Zhengzhou new sample" of China's cross-border e-commerce export -- towards the "new sample" proposed in the plan "Through cross-border B2B, cross-border B2C, overseas o2o and other modes, set up overseas warehouses, experience stores, exhibition centers and other platforms, promote the application of cross-border e-commerce in equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts, hair products, agricultural products, textile and clothing and other characteristic and advantageous products, expand exports, radiate and drive the agglomeration of surrounding related industries, and realize the balanced development of cross-border e-commerce in and out of our province"

according to the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou customs, at present, Henan's cross-border e-commerce import sources cover about 60 countries and export destinations cover more than 70 countries and regions, with a total of 259000 types of recorded commodities and 1405 cross-border e-commerce enterprises, including 619 e-commerce enterprises, which are integrated and developed by transaction chain, logistics chain, financial supply chain and multi industry agglomeration

according to the data, the list of cross-border import and export supervised by Zhengzhou customs in 2018 was 95.0728 million, a year-on-year increase of 4.15%, and the amount of goods was 12.042 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.68%

the national promotion of innovation mode

the plan proposes to study and establish an international standard and rule system for cross-border e-commerce. In this regard, Henan pilot free trade zone has always dared to be the first

the cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded import and special regional export mode initiated by Zhengzhou customs has been widely recognized by the industry, promoted by the General Administration of Customs nationwide, incorporated into the world customs cross-border e-commerce standard framework, and proposed to the world. Together with the general export and direct purchase import modes, it has formed a full coverage layout of four cross-border e-commerce modes in the whole province

at the same time, we will carry out risk portrait of e-commerce enterprises and transform "small and comprehensive" decentralized supervision into "large and specialized" targeted supervision

in addition, the pilot business of "online shopping bonded + physical new retail" was innovated, and the time from placing an order to picking up goods was shortened from 2-3 days to 2-3 minutes, so as to improve consumers' shopping experience. This innovation directly makes the "middle gate" located in the economic development zone the largest "Wanguo supermarket" in the province and even the central region, and also realizes the "exploration and establishment of a quality safety and customs clearance supervision convenience model suitable for different types of import and export businesses such as cross-border E-commerce 'B2B', 'B2C', 'B2B2C' and so on" proposed in the plan

as of the first quarter of this year, the cumulative declaration list of cross-border retail import of o2o business reached more than 80000 tickets, with a value of 18.23 million yuan

explore the realization of "multiple functions in one area", take the export cross-border e-commerce postal inbound and outbound allocation as the breakthrough point, and carry out centralized sorting and distribution of cross-border and domestic e-commerce commodities originally scattered in special customs supervision areas, bonded supervision places and domestic express distribution centers - realizing the goal of "centralized and classified supervision in one place"

the first global cross-border e-commerce conference released the Zhengzhou consensus, which made that cross-border e-commerce is an important force to boost the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and that cross-border e-commerce will become an important way of international trade under the new situation. China's cross-border e-commerce development has an obvious first mover advantage, forming a system to actively guide the formulation of cross-border e-commerce rules

the second conference launched the "Zhengzhou model" and "Zhengzhou standard" of cross-border e-commerce, and released the blue book on cross-border e-commerce retail development in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, to further amplify the effect of the "Zhengzhou model". Representatives of 12 well-known business associations and enterprises at home and abroad jointly initiated the establishment of the "Alliance for promoting the innovation of cross-border e-commerce standards and rules", marking a solid step forward in the opening and cooperation of global cross-border e-commerce

Zhengzhou area of Henan pilot free trade zone and Zhengzhou Customs jointly explored and constructed a positive supervision system of cross-border e-commerce retail import with e-commerce enterprises as the supervision unit, so as to realize the customs whole chain supervision of cross-border e-commerce "before, during and after". This regulatory system was also affirmed by the briefing of the joint inter ministerial meeting of the State Council a few days ago

in addition, led by Zhengzhou customs, the leading unit of the regulatory service system, our province also actively participated in the establishment and discussion of ewto standard framework, so as to provide a more stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment for the development of cross-border e-commerce, make global goods enter thousands of households more safely, conveniently and efficiently, and better meet the aspirations of people all over the world for a better life

"single window" shortens the working time of enterprises by nearly 1 / 4

cross border e-commerce, as a new way of foreign trade and transaction mode, has great market potential and vitality

there are a large number of foreign trade enterprises in Henan, but the individuals are small, the competitiveness is not strong, and there are the characteristics of "how small, scattered and weak". Cross border e-commerce can provide new trade channels for these enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises in our province, guide and support enterprises to expand the international market, establish overseas marketing channels and create their own brands

Henan's "single window" of international trade provides great convenience for many cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the province. At present, the "single window" after improving the function of the Standard Version shortens the working time of enterprises by nearly 1 / 4 by adding functions such as format export, personalized query and document receipt tracking; The whole process of electronic examination and approval of Zhengzhou port will be reduced by 2 days and the whole process of electronic examination and approval of enterprises will be reduced by 3 days; Cooperate with local E-port R & D to launch cross-border import and export declaration, financial services, export tax rebate and other characteristic plates to realize data interconnection; Integrating multiple independent R & D business platforms in the customs area into a "single window", further optimizing the functions of the platform

at present, the daily carrying capacity of Henan "single window" is up to 8 million orders, which fully meets the customs clearance needs of various foreign trade enterprises in Henan. In 2018, relying on Henan's "single window" cross-border e-commerce system, Zhengzhou customs supervised a total of 95.073 million cross-border e-commerce import and export lists, with a total value of 12.04 billion yuan, an increase of 4.2% and 5.7% respectively year-on-year

according to the data provided by Zhengzhou customs, up to now, there are 6639 enterprises using the "single window" platform, involving cross-border e-commerce, logistics and other fields, with a main business coverage of 100%

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