how to do SEO optimization for foreign trade websites? English website optimization



how to do SEO optimization for foreign trade websites what is the method of English website optimization ? Other people's websites rank so well in Google. Why is your website not included and ranked? How to solve it? The following professional engaged in Jiangsu Google SEO mutual Dan technology to teach you how to optimize the foreign trade website

how to do seo optimization for foreign trade websites? english website optimization how to do SEO optimization for foreign trade websites? English website optimization

I. image optimization

Image alt text has always been a valuable part of SEO optimization of foreign trade websites. In the past few years, people have increasingly talked about search engines using machine learning to understand what image is and what it is. This is the main function of image alt text.

no matter what the new image recognition program is, you won't lose anything by including good image alternative text on your website. Machine learning is a relatively new concept. Although image alternative text may become completely obsolete in the next five to ten years (possibly earlier), optimizing images in an" old-fashioned way"is a safe and good idea.

II. Query optimization data in time

turn on the computer in the morning and use English website SEO optimization tool view the snapshot of the day, collection, external chain changes and keyword ranking changes, and cut the map once a day. After forming the habit, you can find the problem through some small changes through the comparison of daily screenshots.

for example, why didn't the snapshot update? Why did Baidu send 5 fake original articles and only included 3? Why did the external chain increase yesterday and decrease today? Which keyword ranking fell again and what caused it?

through these reasons, you can roughly know the reasons by recalling the work you did a few days ago, so that the website will not be suddenly demoted and K. you will be rushed to the doctor. You can summarize and analyze more. Over time, you can probably feel Baidu's temper, at least not make big taboos.

III. high-quality authoritative content

from the beginning, content" authority "has always been a vague part of search engine optimization. Search engines hope to provide users with the most trusted and authoritative content according to their search queries.

authoritative content requires the website to focus on a vertical field and provide professional problem-solving methods for this field. This is also the foundation of search engine to solve problems for users. From Baidu's recent professional Q & A, we can see Baidu's traffic support for professional authoritative content.

IV. observe the friendship links

the second step is to check the links, check the links and prevent them from being implicated. Supplement and adjust the links. By checking the links every day, you can know the general status of the link's website operation, delete the links with reduced rights in time, and adjust the slow update of snapshots and excessive connections in the external chain.

if you exchange friendship links , and gradually adjust irrelevant and low weight friendship links when the website friendship links increase steadily.

v. locate relevant keywords

latent semantic index keywords do not directly affect your search ranking. However, taking the time to carefully select relevant keywords can help you cover the necessary information related to the keywords and phrases you originally targeted. In turn, this will help you get the ranking of relevant search terms and avoid keyword filling penalties.

if you don't use relevant keywords, it will be difficult for search engines to determine the relevance and overlap of SEO optimization between the contents on your English website. Therefore, don't try to use the same keywords and phrases repeatedly in the whole content, so relevant keywords are very important to help robot people understand your messaging and its relevance to user intention

VI. analyze the main SEO optimization traffic sources of foreign trade websites

in promotion and marketing, you must know where your target group is? By checking the traffic source and the traffic conversion rate in the station, you can roughly know your user group and suitable marketing methods. You can judge which words can bring traffic combined with the keyword ranking. You can find that those long tail words can be strengthened and expanded through the traffic brought by long tail words. Sometimes you will even be surprised to find a friendship chain Sometimes it can also bring you more than a dozen IPS, which are very important clues for your future promotion strategy

VII. The website is updated stably

because the whole structure of the English website has been adjusted in the early stage, what SEO optimization personnel mainly do is to add website content. In this link, the first thing for SEO optimization personnel of foreign trade websites is to start to establish a key thesaurus

the content in the website is the foundation of the website. We should pay attention to stepping up the construction of our website content. The focus of optimization should be on the website. The articles in the website must be updated every day (regularly and quantitatively). We need to create 2-5 articles every day according to different industries and needs. These articles need to be formulated according to the needs of users, collect or fake the original industry news, materials Technical articles, etc

for the title of the article, in addition to the key thesaurus established according to the requirements of SEO optimization, you can also find some relevant long tail keywords in Baidu search to expand and write articles. As we all know, the importance of original articles to a website. Only when most of the articles in the website are original, the effect of the website will be more stable

although the search engine algorithm has been updated, some foundations of SEO optimization of foreign trade websites will never be outdated. Only by laying a solid foundation can we maintain the steady rise of traffic in the long optimization process, and the ranking and weight will gradually improve

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