during the investigation of foreign trade enterprises, Wang Rui stressed: focus on prominent problems, accurately implement policies and strive to promote the stable growth of foreign trade economy



on the morning of May 16, Wang Rui, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, came to key foreign trade enterprises to investigate the import and export situation of foreign trade and coordinate and solve the development problems of enterprises on site. Wang Rui stressed that it is necessary to accurately judge the import and export situation of foreign trade, focus on prominent problems, adhere to "one enterprise, one policy" and accurately implement policies, make every effort to do a good job in enterprise service guarantee, unite efforts to fight the battle for steady growth of foreign trade, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the city's foreign trade economy

Gong Hui, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, and he Jizhou, Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, participated in the research

in the face of the complex and severe international trade environment, the development of foreign trade enterprises in the city and the difficulties and problems have always been one of the important contents highly valued and concerned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. During the investigation, Wang Rui successively visited Tianshui Great Wall Juice Group Co., Ltd., Gansu Hailin Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianshui Huatian Electronics Group Co., Ltd. to learn more about the production and operation, product R & D, market development, foreign trade import and export, etc

the purpose of our research today is to sincerely support and help the development of the enterprise. If you have any difficulties, we will directly say that we will try our best to help solve them. " At the subsequent symposium, Wang Rui asked directly about the problems and difficulties faced by the development of the enterprise, and gave on-site instructions on the employment, production and operation, financing, import and export tax rebate and other issues raised by the person in charge of the enterprise

Wang Rui stressed that foreign trade is an important means to promote the healthy development of the real economy. At present, many changes have taken place in the situation, background and business format of foreign trade. Party committees and governments at all levels should further improve the policy system, innovate institutional mechanisms, make every effort to provide more and greater support services for enterprises, promote the transformation, upgrading and development of enterprises, and improve the level of the city's open economy in a wider range, wider fields and deeper levels. Relevant departments should take the initiative to strengthen the visit and contact with foreign trade enterprises, establish a regular visit, communication and consultation mechanism, timely grasp the production and operation status of enterprises, deeply understand the development needs of enterprises, adhere to "one enterprise, one policy" and accurately implement policies, effectively enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of service enterprises, and make efforts to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of foreign trade enterprises

Wang Rui requested that the top priority should be to continuously create a good business environment. In combination with the activity of "grass-roots burden reduction year", we should deeply rectify the problems of formalism and bureaucracy, truly implement the reform of "running once at most", resolutely eliminate the prominent problems such as "slow work and multi headed running", and strive to do all service work more realistically and carefully with a good style More timely and in place to create a good environment for the stable and healthy development of enterprises

Wang Rui encourages enterprises to strengthen their confidence, improve their concentration, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, pay close attention to the international and domestic situation, deeply study the development direction of the industry, enhance their tolerance, core competitiveness, innovation ability and anti risk ability, effectively prevent and avoid foreign trade risks, and strive to make enterprises bigger, stronger and better

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