Yenov, President of Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce, is not allowed to miss the opportunity to visit the Chinese foreign trade market

出海易/ 2022-05-10

Xinhua news agency, Nur, Sudan, November 4 Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Jun, Zhang Jiye

<span bdsfid="66"class="bjh-p> the Chinese market has great attraction to Kazakh enterprises. The Expo is an opportunity that Kazakh enterprises can't miss to connect with the Chinese market." Ayan yelenov, chairman of the Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce for foreign trade, who is responsible for organizing domestic enterprises to participate in the third China International Import Expo, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters in Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan

yelenov said in an interview that during the second China International Fair last year, Kazakh exhibitors achieved a turnover of US $280 million. "Our enterprises almost started to prepare for this year after participating in the Expo last year. Although the form of participation this year is different from that in the past, this Expo is still worth looking forward to."

according to him, the booth area of Kazakhstan in this fair has further expanded, and the number of Kazakh exhibitors has also increased from 30 last year to 35. In order to select more high-quality enterprises to participate in the exhibition, Kazakhstan Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce has set a number of selection conditions, including that the production capacity of exhibitors should continuously meet the needs of the Chinese market, and the products of enterprises must meet and comply with the relevant standards of Kazakhstan and China in terms of product quality

yelenov told reporters that the 35 Kazakh enterprises participating in the Expo have rich experience in exporting to China, and the participating commodities include flour, meat, edible oil, milk powder and vodka. "In recent years, the demand of Chinese consumers for organic food has been expanding. The high-quality natural food produced in Kazakhstan is loved by more and more Chinese people. Kazakhstan and China are close neighbors connected by mountains and rivers, which facilitates the entry of Kazakh food into the Chinese market."

he said that affected by the COVID-19, Kazakh enterprises will participate in the Expo through remote means this year. The manufacturer will mail the exhibition samples and brochures to China, and hire foreign trade experts proficient in Russian, English and Chinese to introduce products and negotiate cooperation at the booth in Shanghai. All booths are equipped with communication equipment, and buyers can have a direct dialogue with manufacturers through video connection

yelenov said that Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the fair as a platform to expand exports. "We believe that more Kazakh enterprises will establish cooperation with China in the future, and more Kazakh products will enter the Chinese market."

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