"the problem of" one box is hard to find "is properly solved, and Ali international station offers advice and strength!




in the second half of this year, trade will show a trend of "restraining first and then rising", and the activity will increase quarter by quarter. Foreign trade will pick up, but international transport capacity will continue to be tense. The backflow of containers from overseas is not smooth, resulting in the dilemma that it is difficult to find a container in China and nowhere to place containers in Europe and the United States. With the sharp increase of orders at the end of the year, the international transportation capacity is even more inadequate and tense

in order to really help businesses solve difficulties, on December 16, Alibaba international station (hereinafter referred to as the international station) jointly launched the worry free special line of China US charter flights from Shanghai, China to Chicago, the United States, providing highly deterministic services of ensuring position, price and timeliness for the pain points of the industry. Businesses that sign up for an order and pay successfully can lock their positions. For businesses in urgent need of positions, it is undoubtedly the best weapon

" bb936p class="sf6p" / sfid="f98066 " bb936 "bb936 " the first batch of China US charter flights was launched on the 12th of this month When the transportation capacity is so tight, I can grab the position of charter flight. The price is cheap. I'm sure to participate. After communicating, I found that all links were relatively fast, the communication efficiency was also high, and my operation cost was also reduced. "

Wu Miao of Yiwu Xuqing import and Export Co., Ltd. said that this charter flight helped her company solve the urgent problem." I haven't been able to arrange positions in the last one or two months, and the offline freight has risen too sharply. I'm very anxious. The price of this charter flight has advantages and ensures a position. I hope that subsequent charter flights can be more frequent or normalized, which will be more helpful to businesses. I am willing to choose charter flights for a long time. "

at the inaugural ceremony of charter flights, Wang Tiantian, head of cross-border supply chain of the international station, said:" in March 2021, China US normalized charter flights will be realized at the international station, with 2-3 flights per week. "

Wang Quan, chairman of Hangzhou Fanyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd., also said:" in the next three years, we will join hands with the international station, increase investment and enhance the construction of trunk lines and ports. "

in addition to charter flights, the international station cooperates with the logistics ecological partner Yixing Integrated Shipping Co., Ltd. (Zim) Shipping companies and logistics service providers such as Wenlei Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. have launched green channels for businesses, and launched a variety of high certainty logistics services through five logistics modes of sea, land, air, express and multimodal transport, so as to ensure the transportation capacity of businesses at the first time. For the shipping price, after booking and locking the price, the price can only fall but not rise. In the position, ensure that there is space, and pay for rejection. High certainty guarantee schemes have also been launched in important links such as trailer, cabinet lifting and boarding. With many advantages such as position certainty, price preference and guaranteed timeliness, we win the hearts of merchants and ensure that merchants can receive orders and ship goods

at the same time, the international station provides industrial belt adaptation schemes for customers in Yiwu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, so that merchants can enjoy free door-to-door collection and freight concessions


in addition to the above logistics services, starting from December 12, the cross-border supply chain of the international station will focus on the upgrading of the seller's experience and launch a series of new products, and the exclusive service rights will last for the whole month. During this period, the seller will also enjoy free agent export (one-stop), 50% off the market purchase and export service fee, 50% off the exclusive fiscal and tax service fee and business loan discount, so as to create a good service experience for the merchant.

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