which trust micro blog has strong influence? Foreign Trade Trust ranked first in a row




source: Sina Finance

which trust microblog has the strongest influence? Sina Finance and economics jointly launched the "ranking list of microblog influence in China's trust industry" with China bancassurance daily, the only working daily supervised by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

the monitoring time of this list is from November 1 to November 7 on the whole, the ranking among trust institutions has not changed. The five elements of wealth of Foreign Trade Trust ranked first in succession; Yunnan trust ranked second; Northern Trust_ Fortune Center ranked third

specifically, the five elements of wealth of Foreign Trade Trust ranked first with a score of 65.52; Yunnan trust, Northern Trust_ Wealth centers followed; The official microblogs of Anxin trust and Zhongrong trust nearly fell out of the top ten

based on the relevant release data and interactive data of the official microblog of each trust company in the previous week, the microblog influence index (BII) is comprehensively calculated from the four dimensions of cumulative index, release index, interactive index and activity index, and the inventory ranking is carried out accordingly

"Weibo influence ranking list of China's trust industry" is in the form of weekly list, which is jointly released by China bank and insurance news and sina finance and economics. In addition, we also jointly launched the "ranking list of microblog influence in China's banking industry" and "ranking list of microblog influence in China's insurance industry". The data source is Sina micro hotspot big data Research Institute & Uranium medium

in addition, the list will also be released synchronously on Sina Finance official website / official Weibo, wechat official account of Sina Financial Research Institute, wechat official account of China bank insurance news, and China bank insurance news. Please pay attention

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