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Advanced workshops and production lines, farms and bases that meet organic standards, booths and containers with a full range of products... These scenes that could not be presented to customers anytime and anywhere before were transformed into high-quality content, which was presented 24 hours a day in the live broadcasting room of enterprises at the 127th Canton Fair.

the 63 year old Canton Fair has received a warm response from exhibitors and buyers when it first jumped to the" cloud". The experience of" cloud Exhibition "in recent days has made more and more enterprises realize the importance of using the network platform and actively participate in online marketing has become the consensus of most foreign trade enterprises.

"Foreign trade enterprises have strong learning ability. A small step held on the Canton Fair Online will promote foreign trade enterprises to go further on the cloud." The relevant person in charge of the soil eating chamber of Commerce said that the most well prepared enterprises have reaped a large amount of flow dividends, while inexperienced enterprises are also struggling to catch up. After all, the "cloud" Canton Fair is a compulsory course for foreign trade enterprises

under the epidemic, China's foreign trade, which changes with the trend and steps on the "cloud", has once again demonstrated its toughness and strength to the world. According to the statistics of several business associations, enterprises have high enthusiasm, the number of online exhibitors exceeds that of previous sessions, and the exhibits are more abundant

taking the food, soil and livestock industry as an example, there are 1760 exhibitors in the relevant exhibition areas, with nearly 80000 exhibits, which is far higher than the number of exhibits that can be placed in the physical exhibition. On June 22 alone, there were more than 200 live broadcasts online in the exhibition areas related to the food, soil and livestock industry, and up to 1300 live broadcasts can be played back

Anhui Anliang Holding Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu grain, oil and food import and Export Group Co., Ltd. have increased investment, made careful preparations for the live broadcast, and achieved good results. Enterprises have said that their exhibition period at this Canton Fair is up to 10 days, and they can negotiate online 24 hours, so exhibitors have more opportunities to clinch deals

live broadcasting helps to gather popularity, especially the performance of high-quality enterprises. At this Canton Fair, Midea Group Co., Ltd. quickly transferred its sales channels to online through digital marketing such as wechat marketing, live streaming and seckill activities, which greatly reduced the negative impact of the epidemic on orders

since the beginning of this year, in the case of the overall export downturn, the leading enterprises in the household appliance industry are growing against the trend. According to the analysis of Electromechanical chamber of Commerce, the main reason is that household appliance enterprises, especially leading enterprises, grasp the intelligent trend. At the same time, online has also become an important channel in this round of growth. For example, from January to may, the revenue of Hisense international marketing e-commerce increased by 63% year-on-year, of which the year-on-year growth of markets such as the United States, Italy, Russia, Spain, France and Dubai exceeded 100%

at this Canton Fair, more than 6200 electromechanical enterprises, including the home appliance industry, conducted wonderful online exhibitions. Exhibitors are not only fully prepared and actively innovative, but also serve customers and the world by means of R & D investment, developing new products and developing new business models, and have achieved good exhibition results

in the new online VR exhibition hall built by Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., 3D three-dimensional design provides buyers with an immersive visual experience, displaying enterprise and product information in multiple dimensions such as video, pictures and 3D technology, so that buyers can better understand new products. Pass 10 × On the 24-hour all-weather online foreign trade platform, enterprises have carried out personalized live marketing, online promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation, etc

"this Canton Fair has made every effort to build an online trading platform, which has attracted the expectation and attention of the world." The relevant person in charge of the Electromechanical chamber of Commerce said that in the future, we will actively sum up experience with exhibitors, innovate trade models, stabilize expectations and strengthen confidence, and jointly explore a new situation of electromechanical foreign trade

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