Overseas "housing economy" promotes the rebound of foreign trade, and the demand for electronic products at Ali international station soars



source: Securities Times

after a short period of industry downturn, the foreign trade industry has gradually recovered, cross-border e-commerce has recovered its vibrant appearance, and then ushered in the outbreak of this year. "The four storey warehouses in the factory are empty. As soon as the products are produced, they will be delivered and taken away." Zhang Jilin, head of e-commerce of Shenzhen Ruihe technology, said

some signs show that China's electronic products are becoming a hot commodity favored by many foreign buyers, resulting in the supply of raw materials once falling behind. Alibaba international station data show that since September, the flow of consumer electronics products began to rise, and peaked due to the purchase festival in September. The total transaction volume increased by 237% year-on-year, and the number of paid buyers increased by 126% year-on-year

it is reported that Ruihe technology's business is electronic products based on headphones and chargers. Zhang Jilin said: "in September, we also received a large order of 3.5 million yuan at Alibaba international station. In the past three months, E-Commerce orders have increased by more than 30% every month. Now the factory is in full production, sending 2 to 3 large containers of goods every day, and trucks wait at the gate of the factory every day, and they will be transported away after production." In fact, the situation in the industry is generally the same. Many enterprises are scheduled to may 2021

from the downturn to the surge in orders, and from relying on offline to online, Zhang Jilin and his peers around him are not surprised

on the one hand, Apple's new series of mobile phones cancelled the original standard headphones and chargers. Affected by this, a large number of mobile phone accessories from China were snapped up by overseas consumers, and the charger sales of Alibaba international station increased by 102.8% year-on-year in November. Among them, the fast charging charger with efficient charging effect is more popular. Some ingenious products, such as magic array charger, were once popular with overseas social media

affected by the second outbreak of overseas epidemic, the demand for "housing economy" continues to rise. In order to meet the entertainment needs of daily homes, European and American people rush to buy game consoles, headphones, keyboard and mouse suits and other electronic products

on the other hand, the epidemic has changed the habits of overseas buyers, and more and more overseas buyers purchase through cross-border e-commerce such as Alibaba international station. According to the data of the General Administration of customs, cross-border e-commerce was the only way to maintain positive growth in import and export trade in the first half of the year

for the explosive growth of electronic product consumption, the reporter also learned that the electronic industry of Alibaba international station is implementing targeted development and full link operation of new products for enterprises in Shenzhen Industrial belt, using industry big data to promote merchants to develop new products and recommend them to preferred groups. (Zhu Kai)

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