Shopify has access but no orders. How to optimize Shopify in the station?



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If our Shopify shop has visited but not purchased, if you have a good click through rate of advertising, but the conversion rate is not high, then we may have to consider whether the shpify website needs" on-site optimization " Yes. Although there are only four words, it contains too much content, such as page layout optimization, website content optimization, page loading speed optimization, user shopping process optimization and so on. These are the scope of station optimization. Let's briefly talk about how to do a good job in site optimization:

1. Whether the website store has credibility

there is no doubt about this one, which is also the first point. For example, we go to the brand store to buy things, but their display is in a mess. I believe many people leave at a glance, If your Shopify shop is opened, the display of goods is irregular, the introduction of goods is not corresponding, and some settings are not available, people will feel that they have no desire to buy at a glance

2. Check page speed

check the page opening speed. Improving the opening speed of the website can not only reduce the jumping out rate of the website, but also avoid the loss of traffic. Click Check page speed,

and you will automatically jump to the Google website detection tool( ), check every page of the website, and give the quality score and web page speed. You can adjust the website in time according to the optimization suggestions

3. Homepage pop-up window - get the email

there are various types of pop-up windows on the homepage. Generally, the types we see are:

1. Lucky draw: have the opportunity to get iphne x

2. Turntable, For example, if I open their home page and pop up a pop-up window, the chance of winning is 100%. Is there ~

3. It can also be designed simply to directly obtain coupons, such as cde-10% FF

4 Suspension add shopping cart button

this button is mainly used to enable users to find a place to place an order at the first time when they have a purchase impulse

why is this important? Imagine this situation. Our product description is a little longer, because only in this way can I clearly describe my product. When users browse down, wow, the more they look, the more they feel that this product is great and want to buy, so they have to pull up the page, pull up, and then pull up a little. Eh, add to cart appears, but I think about it carefully at this time, but I don't want to buy it very much

this situation is very common, especially the users who see advertisements from Facebook are mostly impulsive consumers, and the heat is only a few minutes, so we should seize the key minutes. When he wants to buy, he must quickly click the buy button, especially on the mobile phone. The content displayed on the screen is particularly limited. Therefore, in such an environment, the suspended shopping cart button came into being

5. Shopify freight settings

generally, freight will also greatly affect whether customers place orders. For example, what is free of mail may promote customers to place orders to a certain extent, but the wool comes from the sheep. It is recommended that you set free freight according to your actual situation, Before setting free freight, you must calculate the cost and profit, and calculate the freight into the selling price. Here's how to set the freight:

Step 1: enter your Shopify background → click settings → select transportation

Step 2: Click to change the shipping place and edit the shipping address. If you are shipping from an overseas warehouse, you can change the address to your overseas warehouse shipping location

Step 3: click add shipping area → edit, where you can set the shipping area. That's where you can deliver

Step 4: you can edit the package and packing list on the right, and customize the settings here. You can also add the attribute of weight to the goods, so that the required postage can be calculated automatically according to the weight and distance

Step 5: in other transportation methods, you can access a third-party transportation company. Currently, the third-party transportation companies supported are FedEx and UPS

6. Check the price and payment options to guide consumption

set the original price and after discount, Mail free to

special discount code for new customers to purchase for the first time

provide more mailing options, economic and express

select PayPal collection method and click enable, Then remember to select enterprise

the customer who selects PayPal collection only supports business account collection

in addition, you can also choose other collection methods, such as credit card collection, bitpay, Alipay global, etc. you can choose from alternative payment here

7. Optimize your landing page

the purpose of landing page is very simple, that is, marketing transformation. Landing page is the carrying tool to realize your content marketing strategy. In short, landing pages are an efficient tool to help you turn visitors into customers. By using landing pages, you can facilitate a transaction, spread promotions, provide information and get visitor contact information

optimization points:

1 Product features are not equal to product selling points. Only when the copywriter is distracted can they sell goods

2 To guide users to buy step by step and gain insight into the logic of people's hearts is indispensable

in short, we should remember that our website is first built for users, so we should give priority to users' sense of experience

of course, in addition to product categories and product pages, a website should also have "about us" pages and "contact us" pages. These two pages are mainly to show the credibility of our website to users and search engines, so these two pages must not be missed

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