how does tiktok cross-border e-commerce do? How about tiktok cross-border store? Tiktok shop UK




tiktok is a short video social platform under byte beat. It was launched in May 2017. It is an international or overseas version of Tiktok. The interface is very similar to Tiktok. Tiktok (hereinafter referred to as "TK") has made great achievements in the past two years and has become one of the fastest growing and most successful social media giants overseas. You can ask Du Niang for the home page address of tiktok's official website

tiktok is mainly aimed at overseas users and is very popular overseas. The download volume has reached more than 3 billion, even surpassing Facebook. It has topped the list of apple and Google store app downloads for many times, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world

tiktok how to do cross-border e-commerce? how about tiktok cross-border stores? tiktok shop uk How about tiktok cross-border stores?

How do tiktok cross-border e-commerce do? How about tiktok cross-border stores?

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tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world! It is also a huge traffic pool, and where the traffic is, the business opportunities are there! At present, tiktok has started the commercialization process and is in the early stage of commercialization. This is a good time for us to enter the tiktok cross-border E-commerce market! Compared with the domestic Tiktok platform, TK is still in the period of development dividends, policy dividends, traffic dividends and official support Dividends (such as creator fund share), etc. The commercial play method of Tiktok in China is also completely feasible in tiktok. No matter it is live broadcasting, bringing goods, making money by rewards, or receiving business advertisements, it is no problem! Tiktok is going to follow the path of copying Tiktok stores. Byte e-commerce is going to make a big closed loop of 500billion in the world. Tiktok e-commerce is going to be closed loop. Its billions of gold flow has also become a hot topic in the eyes of many cross-border sellers. How should tiktok cross-border e-commerce do

with domestic audio tape products, I believe that the combination of social media and cross-border e-commerce is not so difficult to understand. The combination of the two has been very mature in China and is still in an initial stage abroad. In addition, the traffic on tiktok is very large and free, It is much lower than the realization cost of paid traffic in the cross-border e-commerce platform. Tiktok allows us to link to the platform, such as Amazon, aliexpress, Shopify, whatapp, youtube, etc., so that we can greatly increase the sales volume and liquidity of products by displaying the products we sell on tiktok. At present, the combination of tiktok and cross-border e-commerce still has a lot of room for development. In the future, TK will become a major flow source of cross-border e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce will also be the main cash realization method of tiktok players. The launch of tiktok store provides a direct transformation way for cross-border people and brands

a cross-border seller asked what tiktok shop is? How about tiktok cross-border store? Tiktok shop is an e-commerce business based on tiktok, which is similar to the domestic Tiktok store. Brands and businesses directly reach TK users and establish connection and trust with consumers in a more immersive and interactive way. Tiktok content recommendation algorithm helps reach the goods and help consumers find potential shopping interests. The customer service of tikk can complete the shopping and payment in one stop. Whether from the perspective of users, merchants or even experts, TK cross-border stores have created a perfect business closed loop, which has brought new growth to cross-border sellers. Tiktok is likely to become the mainstream of brand explosion in the next two years. It is really an opportunity that can not be missed. Cross border sellers should quickly open tiktok cross-border stores and seize the new blue ocean of tiktok cross-border e-commerce

tiktok shop's official store is online. How can the UK store of tiktok shop settle down

cross border e-commerce began to grow against the trend last year. With the ambition of making headlines, it will not give up this opportunity to Shopify. It will go into the market and build a complete closed loop of cross-border e-commerce. With the opportunity of the epidemic, it will rely on domestic supply chain resources. Therefore, the official store of tiktok shop has been launched. The launch of tiktok shop has brand trust for consumers, and the restrictions of tiktok's official return and exchange terms can bring higher protection to buyers. There is no need to worry about the seller's wrong goods or even no delivery. Users do not need to view orders on external websites, which is more conducive to tracking the information of orders. The launch of tiktok shop is also a great benefit for merchants. The function of video shopping cart will further strengthen the liquidity efficiency of traffic. TK also launched the commodity selection alliance. After merchants set a commission, creators can release video distribution and bring goods

a company can open five small stores, and one small store can bind five tiktok accounts. In other words, a local company can have up to 25 tiktok accounts with the permission to open shopping carts. How does the official tiktok store open? If cross-border sellers want to sell goods on tiktok, they need to register their account in advance, upgrade your account to a commercial account, and settle in through tiktok shop seller University. The detailed process includes: registering tiktok merchants and correctly entering basic information, such as telephone number, e-mail address, etc; Enter the basic business information of the merchant, such as store name, store address, warehouse address, etc; Tiktok store reserves the right to verify the submitted information by completing or submitting the required documents (such as merchant business registration information or personal information). Tiktok shop seller university has also prepared a set of policy interpretation, seller tools and the latest courses for opening stores. After TK shop is registered successfully, it can sell goods on the platform

at present, Chinese sellers can settle in tiktok cross-border Indonesian stores and UK stores. Here, we take tiktok shop UK store as an example to see how to settle in and what conditions are required. Previously, the small shop of tiktok UK station was only open to businesses with British company qualification. Since June this year, tiktok shop in the UK has been divided into local stores and cross-border stores according to the main qualification of registered sellers. Local stores not only require businesses to hold a UK company license, but also have qualification requirements such as VAT tax number and UK local warehouse; The cross-border store is a special channel for Chinese businesses, which can be sold directly across the border. The entry conditions of the cross-border store must be the main body of the company. The business license with qualifications in Chinese Mainland, the front and back photos of the legal person passport / ID card must be provided, which must be consistent with the legal person information on the business license, the customer manager invitation code, category qualification, brand qualification, and the return address in the UK provided by the seller

how does tiktok shop collect goods? It supports copying and collection on the same platform. How can tiktok shop put its products on the shelves? Tiktok shop distribution software

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