how does SOHO survive in the second half of the year? Is it opportunity or risk sharing

出海易/ 2022-05-10
how does soho survive in the second half of the year? is it an opportunity or risk sharing

1. SOHO needs courage and courage. With the competition in the second half, many foreign trade SOHO are ready to move. Many people start to choose office and product selection, but many unknown risks also come with it in the second half, because no one knows whether it is smooth or blocked in the second half. Therefore, foreign trade SOHO should pay attention not to enter rashly and give itself a buffer period.

how does soho survive in the second half of the year? is it opportunity or risk sharing

2. We need to do a good job in the management and control of reserve funds and risks. In the second half, since the crisis and opportunity occur at the same time, we should make necessary preparations, remain vigilant at all times, and do a good job in fund reserves and ideological reserves. We should ensure that we can deal with changes calmly, because planning first, we can naturally deal with them calmly.

3. It's better to integrate into the blood of the factory. It's better to find factory resources sharing risks, so that the risks can be minimized, because one person's strength is limited, but there is a good guarantee with the participation of the factory.

how does soho survive in the second half of the year? is it an opportunity or a risk sharing

4. The development of anything is the coexistence of risks and opportunities. Therefore, we should evaluate the proportion of opportunities and risks, and reserve sufficient time, capital and factory docking resources. We believe that diligence can make up for weakness, and we also wish foreign trade SOHO to go out of its own world.

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