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morning post (reporter Du Liancai correspondent Zhou Jingying, Chen Wenmou, Guo Yuxian) print the certificate, put in the envelope and paste the express Bill... On July 15, at the customs window of Quanzhou administrative service center, The customs officer of the Erythrina Office of Quanzhou customs is mailing a China ASEAN certificate approved by the system for Quanzhou Minmetals Huayi Trade Co., Ltd. free of charge. The batch of machinery parts exported to ASEAN with a value of 55000 US dollars is expected to reduce or exempt the tariff of the importing country by 6050 US dollars. This is also the 2224th certificate of origin mailed by the window for enterprises free of charge this year</since 2006, quanzhou has made every effort to promote the export tax rebate of more than 6.9 billion yuan and the local tax rebate of 6.9 billion yuan. among them, since may alone, it has guided guanhe sanitary products co., ltd., fujian huixin laser technology co., ltd. and other provincial and municipal key projects to apply for tax reduction and exemption projects, helping the early implementation of the project. in the first half of the year, quanzhou customs implemented various preferential tax policies, and the accumulated tax reduction and exemption exceeded 50 million yuan

in the first half of the year, Quanzhou Customs issued 13000 preferential certificates of origin under the free trade agreement with a visa amount of 740 million US dollars, striving for tariff reduction and exemption of about 330 million yuan for enterprises in the customs area. Among them, Thailand and Mauritius have been added since July 1. The self-service printing scope has covered 17 kinds of certificates of origin, accounting for 81.3% of all certificates issued by Quanzhou customs district. In the same period, the preferential import of goods under the Quanzhou customs free trade agreement reached 1.03 billion yuan, providing tax relief for enterprises of more than 55 million yuan

it is reported that the certificate of origin is the proof of "economic nationality" of export commodities entering the field of international trade. Holding the preferential certificate of origin of Free Trade Zone issued by the customs can enjoy the tariff preferences of corresponding importing countries and improve the market competitiveness of export commodities. On November 15, 2020, ten ASEAN countries and 15 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand officially signed the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), which is expected to enter the implementation stage soon. After the RCEP agreement comes into force, the zero tariff products of the whole goods trade in the region will reach 90%; From January 1, 2021, the first free trade agreement signed between China and African countries, the China Mauritius free trade agreement, has officially entered into force

in the first half of the year, a total of 16 foreign trade import enterprises in Quanzhou customs District used tariff guarantee insurance policies to import more than 9 billion yuan of goods, involving more than 1.2 billion yuan of taxes; Help enterprises in the customs region to apply for market-oriented exemption of additional tariffs on the United States, with a tax exemption of more than 90 million yuan

source of this article: Southeast Morning Post

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