Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone starts cross-border e-commerce business



recently, 20 "overseas shopping" order parcels passed through the cross-border e-commerce declaration system of Futian customs and quickly cleared the customs through centralized sorting and inspection. This is the first order business officially operated by the customs cross-border e-commerce bonded goods preparation "1210 supervision mode" in Futian Free Trade Zone, realizing the business upgrading of moving overseas warehouses to Futian Free Trade Zone

it is reported that according to the "1210 supervision mode" of bonded goods preparation, enterprises carrying out cross-border e-commerce business in the bonded area can wholesale goods to the bonded warehouse. According to the orders of consumers on the e-commerce platform, declare to the cross-border e-commerce system of the customs. After sorting and inspection by the Customs on site, they will leave the Customs by express package and deliver it directly to consumers, which can save the high cost of international logistics direct mail, shorten the shopping time and ensure the product quality. While reducing the operation cost of enterprises, it has brought many benefits and convenience to consumers

this year, the foreign trade development environment has become severe and complex. According to the spirit of "cultivating new business forms and adding new driving forces for trade development" and the Work Department of "six stability", with the strong support of the customs in the District, the construction and development promotion center of Dawan District, Futian District, Shenzhen expands the foreign trade growth pole of the park and even the whole city by cultivating new business forms and new models of cross-border e-commerce. Under the dual pressure of "epidemic prevention" and "stabilizing foreign trade", the staff of Futian customs and the center affiliated to Shenzhen Customs carried out the preliminary simulated order test for two consecutive weeks to be familiar with the operation process and solve the hidden dangers of supervision. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the core business scenario of the cross-border e-commerce centralized inspection center in Futian Free Trade Zone, the staff tested each process of business operation one by one with the technicians of the equipment supplier through remote video, repeatedly communicated the equipment function and operation, and eliminated abnormal faults and potential safety hazards, so as to ensure the timely start of cross-border e-commerce business in the free trade zone

as the window of the country's opening to the outside world, Futian Free Trade Zone was established with the approval of the State Council and has played an exemplary role in assisting enterprises in the zone to carry out import and export trade and trade activities with domestic enterprises. Over the past 30 years, Futian Bonded Area has been committed to the development of high-tech industry and modern logistics industry by relying on the geographical advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and the advantages of system and mechanism. It is one of the bonded areas with outstanding development achievements and great competitiveness in China. The efficiency of customs clearance and supervision of goods of joint inspection units stationed in the area ranks in the forefront of similar ports in China

the person in charge of Dawan district construction and Development Promotion Center, Futian District, Shenzhen said that it would actively introduce high-quality cross-border e-commerce enterprises, guide traditional foreign trade enterprises to actively transform, give full play to the geographical advantages of Futian Free Trade Zone and promote the full flow of market factors. At the same time, the construction and development promotion center of Dawan District, Futian District and Futian customs will link the policy and regulation departments and enterprise service departments, establish and improve the cross-border e-commerce policy system, create a good business environment in the bonded area, help expand and strengthen the service trade and goods trade, realize the agglomeration of e-commerce industry, and expand the foreign trade growth pole of the park with the new mode of bonded business. (Economic Daily reporter Yang yangteng)

source: Economic Daily

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