how does twitter advertising help the marketing promotion of foreign trade enterprises?




there are many kinds of promotion and marketing channels for foreign trade enterprises. In addition to Facebook and instagram, Twitter has increasingly become a marketing channel selected by foreign trade enterprises, but many partners don't know the difference between twitter advertising and Facebook advertising, Although the core modes of the two social platforms are social, there are still great differences in the details of the platform rules. Twitter is more suitable for foreign trade enterprises to carry out marketing promotion

how does twitter advertising help the marketing promotion of foreign trade enterprises?

in essence, Facebook's model is more like a circle of friends. Only Facebook's friends can see marketing content, and the advertising information released by the brand can be seen only after adding friends and verification. Facebook's model is a two-way process, while twitter advertising is more like microblogging. All published content is public and can be viewed without verification, so Twitter is more suitable for foreign trade enterprises in terms of the promotion scope of b-end enterprises. Twitter users prefer to pay attention to fresh brands because of their low attention threshold, which is more friendly to the brand building of foreign trade enterprises. In addition, the use age of Twitter users is also younger, and Twitter users are mainly teenagers and teenagers More professionals. We can analyze the marketing impact of twitter advertising on foreign trade enterprises from the following four perspectives

1) advertising target setting: promote from the target setting of popularity and conversion rate

for example, customers in the electronic industry need to advertise. Instead of advertising as soon as they receive the demand, they should first investigate the popularity of the electronic industry. Twitter users have high trust in the brand. Users like to place orders directly from the list of brands they pay attention to, and make appropriate types and methods according to the user's information reception, Improve the brand influence of enterprises through effective advertising types, so as to form a virtuous circle and let more users place orders directly in the brand list

2) positioning setting: it is necessary to select the most appropriate advertising area, which is also electronic product advertising, but people's acceptance is different in different areas. The economic conditions are better and the acceptance of electronic products is higher, but some areas with general economic conditions may have higher acceptance of price type electronic products

3) selecting the appropriate twitter advertising delivery time is also a very important factor

the advertising time should not exceed 9 a.m. the second prime time period is around 12 p.m. and the last time period is around 6 p.m. after work in the evening

4) use various popular trend labels for advertising promotion

using popular labels for advertising promotion is actually what people often call "rubbing heat". For example, foreign trade enterprises make earphones for electronic products. Now Apple mobile phones release a new mobile phone version of Apple 12. After the topic trend of Apple 12 appears, the advertisements released by the brand are publicized by wearing Apple 12 labels. Matters needing attention when using heat labels: the published advertising content and labels must be related industries, such as "Apple Mobile 12" and content theme "headset", because these two are electronic products, users will not be disgusted, but if "Apple Mobile 12" is associated with a star, the effect will be affected

there are many matters needing attention in the use of twitter advertising . For more information about Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, tiktok and other overseas social media, please search onesight marketing cloud College for more information

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