strong driving force for consumption upgrading and steady growth of foreign trade

出海易/ 2022-05-09

Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said at the press briefing held by the state information office on the 23rd that China has become the world's second largest consumer market and the largest trading country, and the utilization of foreign investment and foreign investment are firmly in the forefront of the world

in recent years, the people's consumption level and quality of life have been greatly improved, and consumption has become the first driving force of China's economic growth for many years

Wang Wentao said that consumption is an important engine of economic growth and also reflects people's demand for a better life. He introduced that China will focus on promoting consumption upgrading from three aspects. In terms of improving the traditional consumption level, pay special attention to the development of the second-hand car market, which will promote the transformation of cars from purchase management to use management, especially expand the circulation of second-hand cars, and promote the echelon consumption and circular consumption of consumption. At the same time, encourage qualified areas to recycle household appliances and furniture and exchange the old for the new; Support the catering industry to innovate business model, improve service quality and further expand catering consumption. In terms of accelerating the cultivation of new consumption, we will accelerate the cultivation of new formats and new models such as smart stores, contactless distribution and home service. At the same time, traditional circulation enterprises are encouraged to create some new immersive, experiential and interactive consumption scenes. In terms of building a consumption upgrading platform, through the combination of "point, line and surface", we should combine expanding consumption with improving people's quality of life, cultivate international consumption central cities, promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets with high quality, develop characteristic business districts and characteristic blocks, and carry out the national consumption promotion month with relevant departments to better meet multi-level and diversified consumption needs, comply with the trend and promote the improvement of consumption structure and energy level

in response to problems in the field of circulation, Wang Wentao said that circulation is connected with production at one end and consumption at the other, which plays a basic and leading role in the national economy. "The ratio of China's total logistics cost to GDP has gradually decreased by 3.7% in 2020, and the ratio of China's total logistics cost to GDP has gradually decreased by 3.7% Wang Wentao stressed that circulation efficiency is as important as production efficiency, which is an important aspect of improving the overall operation efficiency of the national economy

it is reported that China will strive to promote the construction of County commercial system in rural areas. Promote the construction of rural commercial system with "county overall planning, county as the center, township as the focus and village as the basis", and encourage and promote the "three sinks" with market-oriented means, that is, the sinking of enterprise supply chain, logistics distribution and goods and services. In addition to building international consumption center cities, business districts, pedestrian streets and characteristic blocks in cities, it is also necessary to "create a 15 minute convenient life circle". Accelerate the branding and chain development of convenience stores, support enterprises to carry out digital transformation, innovate business model, promote convenient consumption, and promote the construction of standardized vegetable market. At the same time, improve the commercial circulation facilities, especially the construction of cold chain logistics

talking about how to build a new open economic system at a higher level, Wang Wentao said that the next step is to increase the pilot strength of free trade zones and ports. At the same time, optimize the regional opening layout. We will further promote major regional strategies and coordinated regional development strategies, and strengthen interregional opening-up and linkage. We will improve the open security system. Improve the level of supervision, maintain the safety of industrial chain and supply chain, properly deal with economic and trade frictions, and prevent and resolve major risks

in the first seven months of this year, the scale of China's import and export, export and import reached a record high in the same period, and the year-on-year growth rate reached a new high in the past 10 years. In the face of the complex and severe global trade situation, the growth rate of foreign trade against the trend is hard won

Wang Wentao introduced that due to the impact of the epidemic, the export volume of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing and respirators in China has increased sharply, but now it has fallen, "these one-time factors will not last that long". The growth of foreign trade in the second half of the year is gradually slowing down, and the foreign trade situation next year may be very severe. Next, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on cross cycle adjustment to keep foreign trade within a reasonable range from four aspects: steady growth, promoting innovation, ensuring smooth flow and expanding cooperation

the data show that in the past four years, the scale of foreign investment attracted by China has always ranked second in the world. In particular, last year, against the background that global transnational direct investment fell by about 40%, China's foreign investment rose by 4.5%. Foreign funded enterprises are an important part of China's market players and have made unique and important contributions to China's economic and social development. Foreign funded enterprises account for 2% of the main market, driving the employment of about 40 million people, accounting for one tenth of the country's urban employed population, contributing one sixth of China's tax revenue and two fifths of China's import and export. "This fully shows that foreign-funded enterprises are important participants, witnesses and contributors to China's building a well-off society in an all-round way." Wang Wentao said that foreign-funded enterprises have also achieved good development in China. For some multinational corporations, the Chinese market has become an important part and the main source of profits. According to the survey report of foreign chambers of Commerce, although affected by the epidemic last year, 56% of American enterprises, 73% of European enterprises and 89% of Japanese enterprises still made profits in China

it is reported that the Ministry of Commerce will also strengthen the service guarantee for foreign investment. We will strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment and continue to optimize the business environment. We will implement the foreign investment law and implementing regulations and create a market-oriented, legal and international business environment. "The door of China's opening up will only open wider and wider. We welcome foreign-funded enterprises to invest in China and share the dividends of China's reform and development." Wang Wentao said

business work connects urban and rural areas, connects internal and external, connects production and marketing, and plays a unique role in poverty alleviation. How will we continue to promote rural revitalization in the next step

"the Ministry of Commerce will focus on five aspects of" combined boxing ". Qian Keming, Vice Minister of Commerce, introduced that in addition to the e-commerce poverty alleviation, which has become one of the most direct and effective ways to get rid of poverty and increase income, the Ministry of Commerce will also promote the improvement of circulation through domestic poverty alleviation, foreign labor poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation and border trade poverty alleviation We will open up cooperation and expand employment, further enhance the economic vitality and development potential of poverty-stricken areas, further unblock the urban and rural economic cycle, and make new contributions to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. (Feng Qiyu)

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