want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce? Amazon has no source of goods. You need to know these points



now there are many novice Xiaobai who want to do Amazon's no source mode, but they also have a lot of questions in their mind. People who have not been in contact with the e-commerce industry will ask what is the matter with the no source mode? In the industry, this mode is called FBM self delivery mode on Amazon, and another is FBA mode. Today, I will mainly talk about the former. The characteristic of the no source mode is that it does not need to store goods by itself and save the cost of goods. When there is an order, it will place an order from domestic orders and send it to foreign buyers through international logistics to earn the price difference between transnational regions

if you want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce? amazon's no source mode, you need to know

friends who have worked as a treasure in the past few years basically know that at that time, the domestic e-commerce no source mode once became a hot choice. We call it store shopping, which is basically the same as the current Amazon no source mode. Collecting the best-selling goods on the platform and uploading them to their own stores after price increase and modification is basically easy to operate, and even can be completed directly with auxiliary tools. In the early stage, the store shopping mode made many people earn electricity In the first pot of gold, tens of thousands of monthly income are considered a minority, and hundreds of thousands are considered a normal level. Some people earn it and others see it. The market is suddenly filled by most people, and the platform rules are also suppressed. This model is also gradually going downhill

if you want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce? amazon's no source mode, you need to know

at present, all domestic policies are supporting global trade and exports. Many e-commerce people are learning about cross-border e-commerce and move domestic products to foreign platforms for sales. Now domestic products can no longer be produced and sold by themselves. While expanding the market, they also solve the problem of unsalable. Domestic products also have the label of high quality and low price abroad, and many foreign buyers are willing to pay for them. What did those who first worked as cross-border e-commerce do It's Amazon's FBA model. It needs to pay a lot of money to Amazon to rent the warehouse. At the same time, the cost of goods is also on the one hand. The financial pressure can be said to be very large. People without any foundation basically dare not try. At the same time, they are not sure whether these products can be sold

if you want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce? amazon's no source mode, you need to know

since the end of last year, many e-commerce sellers have changed their direction. The no source model is feasible at home, but can it operate on foreign platforms? When they think of it, they start to work. The facts also show that this idea is feasible. It not only reduces the financial pressure in purchasing and hoarding goods, but also does not need to find their own warehouses, but also makes higher profits. Many sellers are on Amazon, an international platform Created one e-commerce legend after another, brought products to all parts of the world and harvested what they wanted

if you want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce? amazon's no source mode, you need to know

after seeing here, many people will ask, what is the prospect of Amazon's no source model? Now China has issued a series of policies to support cross-border export E-commerce, and put forward" mass entrepreneurship and innovation"as early as 2014 , a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce has been opened in many regions, and a more perfect e-commerce law has been issued to implement the policy of tax exemption or tax rebate for cross-border exports to stimulate exports. In general, it must be right to follow the policy. The mode without goods source is highly reproducible. When the stores improve, they can operate in batch in the mode of store group, so as to diversify the income from single store to multi store. This is the result that every e-commerce person wants to get

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