independent station: a hot operation mode this year



independent station: hot operation mode this year

the global epidemic has led to the transfer of part of consumers' offline life and consumption demand to online, which has successfully pushed cross-border e-commerce to a boom, and independent stations are on fire! As a channel complementary to third-party platforms, independent stations have become a new growth of export e-commerce sellers under the three trends of mobility, socialization and content marketing, but many sellers still know little about them and stay in" burning money, brain and only suitable for cross-border veterans" Inherent impression. He believes that "the key to engaging in cross-border e-commerce is to rely on strategy, mode and implementation. In the future, the brand direction of cross-border e-commerce DTC and the general trend of small wholesale are inevitable. If sellers want long-term development, independence, stability and branding are indispensable."

so, what new opportunities does the independent station bring to the seller this year, what skills does the independent station have to operate, and what sufficient preparations do the seller need to make in the second half of the year

What are the developments and changes of the independent station market under the influence of the global epidemic this year

I: the change of the international environment has a far-reaching impact on the independent station market

1. On the one hand, the independent station playing mode is more diversified. In the past, for small and medium-sized sellers and sellers with platform transformation, the most worrying problem of independent station operation was the operation skills and drainage promotion; Now, with the continuous emergence of more tools and new playing methods to help sellers quickly build stations and start volume in the whole independent station industry, the operation threshold of small and medium-sized sellers is greatly reduced, and the operation is also easier to start

2. On the other hand, brand awareness and traffic awareness are gradually enhanced. Through DTC independent station, we can not only shape the brand and face consumers directly, but also be more competitive. In addition, with the emergence of new media traffic in recent years, the traffic dividend for cross-border sellers should not be missed. In other words, multi-channel marketing and drainage can be completed through independent stations, so the user fans under the brand will slowly accumulate into a new traffic pool, which is relatively more stable and lower cost. It is the way for the sustainable development of cross-border sellers in the future

in short, from the diversification of cross-border e-commerce operation modes and the improvement of brand and traffic awareness, the "army" of independent stations is becoming larger and larger. It is not difficult to see that the sales volume of the whole independent station market has an obvious upward trend, in which the sellers of independent stations focusing on home account for the majority. In addition, the activity of overseas social media has also increased significantly

II: what are the differences between cross-border sellers building their own websites and operating on third-party platforms

1. The biggest problem of independent station operation is the drainage mode and lack of self-contained flow. In the early stage of entering the independent station, the seller needs to drain through search engines, social media and other channels, and the traffic of these channels is not only large, but also a wide range of user groups. Therefore, sellers need to focus more on more refined operation from user needs, brand positioning, traffic introduction and other links, so as to accelerate the growth rate. The most critical point is that sellers should be good at grasping their own positioning. Only on the basis of good positioning can you know what channels to start from

2 compared with the operation of independent stations in the past few years, most modes are mainly Google and Facebook, the promotion channel is relatively single, and sellers prefer to drain the platform stores through independent stations, resulting in high overall operation cost, small volume and single category. Now, with the increasingly diversified playing methods of traffic channels, such as the outbreak of short video marketing this year, it is relatively easier for sellers to start volume while reducing the cost of getting customers. In fact, many sellers operate multiple stores at the same time, which is quite handy to manage

III: for sellers with platform operation experience, what are the advantages of expanding channel independent station operation? Can the shops on the platform and the self built mall guide each other or have other connections

1. At present, due to the policy relationship on the platform, there is no two-way diversion between the platform and the website, but it can support one-way diversion to the platform from the website. This is the well-known off-site diversion. Accurate users can be obtained through independent stations and then diverted to the platform

2. For sellers with platform operation experience, it is relatively easier to expand independent stations. On the one hand, there are many similarities between the operation of the platform and the independent station, including keyword optimization, advertising data analysis, product beautification, etc., which is the advantage for sellers with certain operation experience; On the other hand, the seller's website can also "copy" the products to an independent station with one click. Ueeshop currently supports this way to help the seller build up quickly

IV: what preparations do sellers need to make for independent stations in the second half of 2020

it is mainly divided into two stages:

1 Early stage of operation. In fact, the seller needs a lot of manpower and material resources in the early stage, but it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of independent station. In the early stage of making an independent station, it does not need too much investment. Prepare the necessary domain names and product introduction materials, allocate about 2 personnel to be responsible for the management, operation and logistics control respectively, and give priority to rapid starting

2. This is the stage of development. After standing up independently, you can consider refining the team posts. For example, the operation and customer service teams are managed separately. In the stage of rapid development, brand positioning and user feedback are more emphasized. Therefore, at this stage, it is suggested that the seller can increase the investment in the supply chain, such as establishing overseas warehouses and further improving logistics efficiency

V: what process does an independent station need to go through from zero to normal operation

first, drainage is needed. After a certain flow is formed, orders will follow, but it is not ruled out that the business will stop abruptly after the first batch of orders, which is the most difficult psychological stage for sellers. However, there is no need to worry too much. In the initial drainage stage, the flow is unstable and the user accuracy needs to be improved. In view of this situation, it is suggested that the seller try to adjust the advertising purposefully, such as adjusting the delivery area or sorting out the materials, eliminating invalid traffic and blind investment, so as to further stabilize the advertising and achieve normal operation

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independent station: this year's hot operation mode

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