good news! Binzhou provincial foreign trade platform construction achieved a "bumper harvest"



since this year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has actively seized a new round of high-level strategic opportunities for opening to the outside world, paid close attention to the landing of major opening platforms and the construction of key opening-up projects. After Huimin chemical fiber rope network base was approved as the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (composite material), Recently, five new provincial foreign trade platform entities were added, and a "bumper harvest" was achieved

the selection of Shandong foreign trade platform covers three categories: Provincial Foreign Trade high-quality development zone, Provincial Import Trade Innovation Zone and provincial key cultivation of cross-border e-commerce subjects. Zouping city of our city has been approved as Shandong foreign trade high-quality development zone (11 in the province); Boxing County has been approved as Shandong Import Trade Promotion and Innovation Zone (10 in the province); Beijing Boyun business (boxing) has been approved as a cross-border e-commerce platform mainly cultivated in Shandong Province (5 in the province); Binzhou cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park (Bincheng Huatuo) and 2 Jiayuan district of cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park in boxing development zone have been approved as cross-border e-commerce industrial parks mainly cultivated in Shandong Province (10 in the province). The successful approval of the above platform subjects will become an important carrier of the city's new competitive advantages in foreign trade and is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of foreign trade

in the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to strengthen the construction of platform carriers, continuously improve the level of opening to the outside world, accelerate the construction of high-quality foreign trade development zones and import trade promotion and innovation zones, vigorously cultivate new business entities such as cross-border e-commerce platform enterprises, parks and overseas warehouses, and strive to build a new pattern of internal and external development linkage, Contribute to the construction of a prosperous and powerful Binzhou

[source: Binzhou media network]

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